$3 Roses

That’s right… $3 roses… You’d think they looked like $3… but they don’t! I bought myself a dozen rozes, peeled off the sort of sad petals and I now have a bouquet of gorgeous rust colored orangee-red roses! This, the best part of an afternoon that spiralled out of control… After having been compared to a dog in front of three people I have to work with, missing lunch, having a stomach ache and then standing in uncomfortable shoes on concrete for an hour waiting for someone to open a door I needed open, I figured splurging $3 on a bouquet of roses for myself wasn’t too ridiculous. I also spent a few bucks on some lactose free cheese and sour cream and made some of the best burritos that I’ve had in a while!
Boy is out this evening, so it’s just me and the kitty… only the kitty went outside and hasn’t come back… Last night he snuggled with me and then this morning he held my head down on my pillow with his paw and groomed my left eyebrow… that was weird…

Not too much else going on… I’m trying to get some customization stuff done to the appearance of the blog, so I’ll leave you for now…


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