Twisted Analogy

Last night I engaged in the excersise of cleaning out my makeup kit. This was necessary since two of my eyeshadows smashed and everything in my case was covered in a fine powder of sparkly green and pink… Sometimes it’s nice to pull everything out and take stock of what you have…I realized that there was make up detritus in there from who knows how long ago… colors I don’t wear anymore, broken shadow pots, empty or mostly empty lipgloss etc… Quite interesting how sometimes we take stock of what’s in our makeup kit more than we take stock of what’s in our lives… When was the last time you looked around at your friends, your bills, your house and took stock? Do you take stock of what’s important to you never, seldom or often? My opinion is that we are healthier people if we take stock of our surroundings and what’s important on a regular basis… Granted, this doesn’t create the ‘wow’ effect that you get when you don’t do it very often, but wouldn’t it be better if your makeup kit was always clean, tidy and up to date? Rather than having to spend time and money replacing damaged, out of date stuff, wouldn’t it be better to maintain it?
Maybe my analogy is a little screwy, but I think that if you think about it, it makes sense…

This weekend doesn’t hold much in the way of plans… tonight we’re making dinner and then going shopping. Tomorrow hopefully we’ll find something to do… I have to take my bracelet to the jeweller to get fixed… Not happy about not having it for six weeks, but I don’t want them to just replace it, which they’ve offered to do, because then it wouldn’t be the one that Boy brought me back from Bangkok. Sunday I’m doing some stuff with the sis and then maybe a nap.. and that’s it for plans.
It’s gloomy out… I wouldn’t be adverse to sitting at home with some tea and a book and the kitty, but that seems a little dull.


One thought on “Twisted Analogy

  1. I agree with the stock taking. Sometimes it can be really uncomfortable to do it all at once though so my advice would be to pick at it a little at a time. Take stock of the makeup kit one weekend and the junk drawer the next and the condiment section after that. Because if you do it all at once it can be overwhelming and you end up with more of a mess than you started out with.Just my opinion. And Sunday? Rock ON!!! I’m getting a little excited…in a nauseated, nervous sort of way!

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