Some learnin’

Some things I learned today:

i learned that lame ‘non label’ brand jeans can fool people into thinking they’re a ‘label’. Case in point. I today for instance am wearing jeans purchased from Reitmans. One of my co-workers, who only wears name brand denim complimented me on my jeans… and then moment’s later, asked who made them.. where did I get them… I, never being one really for name brands (except lululemon really) find it hilarious to tell people that I paid $29.99 for them at Reitmans… the look on her face was funny…

I learned that you should definately not trust the creepy guy in the IGA deli when you ask him if there’s any of your particular allergen in the salad… because quite likely he’s too busy creepy-staring at you to listen to the question…

I learned that when you encounter people who you believe to be crazy, and unfair towards you, if you wait long enough, and are patient and true to your own person, you find out that there are people out there who sometimes have similar experiences and you realize that you were never really alone.

I learned that while there are many things that a girl may not want to go without, the one thing she should NEVER go without is a best girlfriend! A best girlfriend is like an electric blanket… like your flannel pj’s on a shitty day… A best girlfriend is a place you can go when the rest of the world (or part of it) sucks and you know that there is rest and comfort and goodness there waiting for you.

I learned that when you try to maneuver things to have them go your way, when there’s no other reason than really just being selfish, that it doesn’t work and it usually turns around and bites you in the ass.

I learned that in fact it CAN snow when it’s 4 degrees outside… and it can snow for HOURS!

I learned that when you go to the liquor store and get one old standby red wine and one of your favorite red wines, that makes two. And then when you see a third redwine with a cool label, you should be required to put one of the first two back. However, if you are not at the liquor store with anyone who WILL police you, then you end up having to pack 3 bottles of redwine on a hike through the city… and you realize how very VERY hungover you are going to be tomorrow.

That’s what I learned today… later on K’pilla and Girl are going to go get their hairs done downtown and then we is going to go back to K’pilla’s for Mexican Theme Night dinner and apparently a lot of red wine.


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