Girl sick… EW

Last night did NOT turn out the way I was planning…. The plan was to have lots of yummy dinner and I bought LOTS of yummy wine and we were going to have a nice girls night plus one boy in.
How it actually turned out was such:
We went and got our hair done… THAT turned out perfectly. I’m thrilled to death that I now have a hairdresser again. He’s an excellent colorist and cuts hair amazingly with an ease I’ve not experienced in too many people. So we drank a bottle of wine, ate some very tasty chippees and got our hair done…. we both looked amazing!! so amazing in fact that when we were carrying our groceries and stuff home, some guy stopped on the street to ask us if we ‘needed a hand’. haha! I’m 5’10 and K’pilla is over 6′ and we’re both pretty muscular and tough… not exactly wilting daisies… so we figured it must have been our magic hair that caused the question.
Anyway, we got home, got dinner started, drank another glass of wine and then because I’m lactose intolerant (among other things), I took my lactaid pills and we settled in to dinner… When I had that GI flu, I thought that the lactaid pills were giving my tummy a hard time, but I was sure the throwing up was due to the flu…. maybe… but apparently the pills make me throw up too! Dinner was cut short… I think we left at around 9…. and we had only gotten back to Pilla’s at 815…. so not a long evening… but I was so sick I could hardly think straight… so I came home, shot some baby gravol and went to bed by 10… 😦
We need a definate do-over! 😦
Love you K’pilla!

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