Girl so sleepy… Kitty so hyper at night… Girl wish Kitty would snuggle in and stop it! Stop it Kitty!

So I’ve sort of neglected this here blog… no harm done, since no one reads it anyway…
Not too much to update… work is fascinating… more so from the human interaction that plays out in our office, but it certainly is cool to learn about healthcare as an industry and a business, rather than a service. I mean, of course it’s a service, however it’s a completely business-like, political entity. There are crabby, narcissitic doctors, polictical enemies, and people who use the organization as a stepping stone to their next gig… I personally like and admire those people who really are interested in patient care and employee wellness…

Started running again… too bad the instructor is a moron! But I start CP in July, so that should be good fun. I’m thinking of wearing a cape.

Boy and I are also in the process of planning our holiday, which will be a drive from here down to Las Vegas, over to DISNEYLAND and then back up the Oregon coast with stops in Napa Valley. I’m really excited and I think it’ll be a great time! Too bad it’s not till September, but that gives me some time to get my body under control 🙂

Nothing else new going on… have been contemplating my 30th birthday quite a bit and am not really too upset about it. I started referring to myself as 30 last year, so the shock won’t be so bad.

That’s all I have for now… hopefully I’ll get it together to start pulling some thoughts together.