Girl is go-een on a trippy!

That’s right! I’m a goin’ to Singapore! Ticket was bought yesterday! I leave on November 25 at 2:55am and come home on December 4 at 1230 in the afternoon. Boy is going on October 3 to train in Muay Thai Kickboxing in Thailand and then he’s meeting me in Singapore on November 26. The cool thing is that we’ll be in Singapore on our 2 year anniversary, so that will be very neat! Plus it’s my 30th birthday this year and that’s two weeks after we get back, so it’s in close enough proximity to the trip that I can say without hesitation that it’s also a trip that I’ll remember as being taken for my 30th birthday.
But before we even get to Singapore we’re going to Disneyland in September! I am SO excited to go! We’re going on September 12 at 630 in the morning and we come home on September 18 at 830 in the evening. Kitty has to be boarded for both our trips, which is a bit worrisome to me… I don’t think he’s going to much enjoy being cooped up inside for days on end, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t leave him here alone because I’m afraid that due to his past, he’ll think I’ve abandoned him and he’ll run away. I can deal with him being mad at me when I get back but I would just die if he disappeared or anything happened to him while I was gone. Boy is not so crazy about the idea of boarding him and the added expense, but I won’t have any fun at all on either holiday if I’m worried about Kitty the whole time… he’s my furbaby and I have to protect him!
that’s pretty much all the news for me… I had to quit boot for unfortunate reasons, so now I’m going to have to start running in the morning and I’m probably going to go to a swordfit swordfighting class 5 days a week downtown… I’ll have to see how that works out with my work schedule now that it’s getting pretty crazy as well. Plus, the days I spend at the Richmond hospital will be days I can’t get downtown for swordfit… 😦
I’m off to the bathtub and then to watch a movie in bed….


I pledge to not eat refined carbs for 4 weeks M-F. I pledge to try and limit the refined carbs I eat on the weekends.
I pledge to stick to my usual habit of only drinking one travel mug (16oz) of coffee per day and to drink water the rest of the time.
I pledge to not miss a single day of bootcamp and if, because of work I must miss one, I pledge to make up that day by either going to the evening class or running at home after work.