I Heart Singapore, Part 2

Yesterday started off at the ToastBox. I had ‘Thick Peanut Butter Toast’ combo and P had the ‘Kaya Toast’ combo. Turns out the ‘combo’ part is that it came with 2 half boiled eggs… which is basically 2 half cooked hard boiled eggs…. so I couldn’t eat that part… damn allergy.. it looked SO GOOD! It also came with Kopi, which is Sing coffee… screw starbucks… this stuff is to die for!

Then we went to go visit the Singapore Icon the Merlion… He’s so cool! It was SO hot outside tho and yours truly didn’t wear a hat or sunscreen.. between the heat and breakfast sitting like lead, I didn’t feel so good, but seeing the Merlion in person was amazing… P has it tattooed on his leg and it looked exactly the same! After we took our photos and admired the statue P went to the souvenier shop and I sat in what is my new favorite spot on the planet…. Under one of Singapore’s many bridges, they’ve developed the land into the souvenier shop, a tapas restaurant called Tapas Tree (like at home), seating and a Starbucks…. it’s so peaceful and lovely… shady and warm and right by the water… it was awesome… until the guy with the snake came along and we decided to meander on….

Next we went to the Asian Civilization museum. Three floors of everything you could ever want to know and see about the heritage of every part of Asia… They had a very cool exhibit called Neither East nor West, Asians in Monochrome, and it was a portrait photography exhibit… really cool! After we spend 2 ish hours there, we went to Boat and Clarke Quay, which are little areas that have super cool looking bars and restaurants. We grabbed a cab to come back to the hotel and had a nap before we went to East Coast Park for dinner. It’s a Hawker Center on the beach. We had satay and then I went foraging and found something I’d been wanting to try called Carrot Cake. No, sadly, it’s not carrot cake like you think… which when I first researched Singapore, was very excited that Carrot cake seemed to be such a big deal…. until I learned that it’s not what I thought. It was pretty much like this super tasty omlett (no cheese) with some type of soft radishy cake in it… it was the softest, warmest, comfort food I’ve ever had and now I have to find some way to duplicate it at home. After dinner we walked along the beach, watched the cable ski (it’s this big ‘pond’ where people can water ski and instead of boats, they have this cable that goes around in a circle and they can go for as long as they can stay up. Very cool). We caught another cab and decided to go to Vivo City , South East Asia’s largest mall to see a movie, but got there too late and both the early and late show were sold out. So we wandered a bit and then found ourselves sitting outside on this promenade overlooking the river and the island of Sentosa. It was so beautiful outside with a nice breeze blowing that we sat there for some time. After that, we went in to get a snack and I found the best Roti Prata that I’ve ever had the fortune of eating! We tried a couple other things too, which weren’t so great and then had a shaved ice dessert. Mine was Pomello flesh (those giant grapefruits you see in the store) and mango with condensed milk and tapioca all over a bowl of shaved ice. OMG, so good!


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