The usual…

Mmmm Cottage Cheese and tomatoes! My favorite! And really, the only thing left in the fridge for lunch… poor planning on that part… but since we’re going out for all you can eat sushi at my favorite sushi restaurant tonight, it’s not like I’m going to starve… perhaps will be compelled to eat a Caramel Rice Cake for an afternoon snack later on, but resist this notion, because it always leaves the after taste of having licked 2400 envelopes or stamps. Yum!

Had what feels like a VERY long week, even though it was only four work days long… Last weekend was quite nice… went for sushi on Friday night with a friend, had my sister over for a bbq on Saturday so she could show me pictures of her trip to Utah and then went to a friend’s house for bbq and games night on Sunday. Didn’t do too much on Monday…which was nice…

Here’s a funny story… so I’ve taken up knitting, which isn’t really news to anyone. So I had my new cabled handbag with me on Monday and I came out of a store and this woman LEAPS from her van, wielding a MacDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap at me and screams ‘OMG, I love your bag’!
Me: Oh, haha, thanks
Her: It’s gorgeous, did you make it?
Me: Yes
Her: Wow, that’s great. Can I come closer and see it
Me: Sure?
Her: Is it lined, can I look in it? (using the hand that’s holding the mayonaissy snack wrap to gesture at the inside of my bag
Me: Um, yes it’s lined… in silk… (pulling handbag out of her grasp)
Her: *goes on and on about how nice it is*
Her: Can I get to know you?
Me: What?
Her: My daughter would really love that bag!
Me: Oh ya…
Her: So, can I… get to know you?
Me: She would love it to buy? Or to make?
Her: Oh, to make… you could teach her!
Me: Tell her to take a knitting class!
Her:… oh..ya.. but… are you a professional?
Me: calling over my shoulder as I beat a retreat… no… no!

I swear not a WORD of that is made up! I got in the car and Boy’s mouth was a gape in shock… I asked him if he put her up to it, because it was so ridiculous… but no… that was all her!

Other than that, and besides meeting literally the dumbest person on the planet last weekend, not much else to report.
This weekend holds another sushi night and then who knows… have to go shopping for clothes, because as I sit here, my jeans are sprouting a hole! Nice!
Plan on finishing my latest handbag, and then I have a couple to line and attach handles to… This knitting thing is FUN! I also have to go down to the knitting store in order to wind my 2000 yards of kid wool/silk blend for my new afghan… can’t wait… it’s going to be the lightest, delicate blanket, but incredibly warm because of the yarn… so luscious! I’m sticking to my promise to only have two things on the go at once… so I have my red handbag and my green lace scarf on the needles right now… if I could just get the darn scarf finished, I could add something else, but since I really don’t have the budget for new yarn right now, I’ll finish the bag and then start the blanket.

That’s all~


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