More of the same

I’m a knitting machine! I had no idea I would love knitting as much as I do! I love seeing something come from nothing… and I love the final bindoff stitch when I can pull my needles free and twirl them around in the air… unencumbered by yarn and a fragile knitting project! I love washing the finished piece and laying it out to dry… (altho I’m a little impatient in the drying process and run into the room every 15min to touch to see if it’s any drier!)
And, while it’s tons of work, I love making the lining and sewing the pieces together and ending up with a functional handbag! I’ve made four now, three of which are lined, with handles and ready to use… two of which I’ve actually filled up with stuff and toted around with me. I’ve also made one full scarf, half a scarf (in progress) and have another two on the go… It’s relaxing and rewarding… my mind wanders to things unknown, since I know my mind wanders when I knit, but I can’t think of a single thing I’ve ever thought of…

Anyway, besides that, I’ve been busy at work, and trying to get things sorted out at home. Last weekend we powerwashed the bunker to get it all ready for our bbq this weekend. Had it not been for my migraines this weekend, we would have sanded down and painted the cabinet in the bunker. It’s going to be red with a black wash on it (think antique asian cabinet) and we’ll put something in the doors where the glass used to be… perhaps more glass? I think this will be a better storage solution for us outside. Not sure what is going in it, but I’m sure we’ll think of something ;). I’m not crazy about getting rid of the old barnboard shelf that my G’pa made me, but it’s sort of not really serving a purpose anymore and I would prefer the red cabinet instead.

Having a bbq this weekend with some friends in our backyard. I’m hoping to get the campfire pit up and running, but not sure anyone is going to be over that late… I might sit out there all by myself with my marshmallows… 🙂

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