Are ya freakin’ KIDDING???

So this afternoon, after having a bit of a melt in my manager’s office, which I’m sure half the floor heard, she decided that we needed to eat… Well, actually she found me sitting in my desk chair, with my arms by my sides staring off into space, after I retreated from her office, so she suggested that even if I didn’t want to eat, I go downstairs with her anyway… Which I did… Well we ended up in Red Robin, where we had underwhelming chicken wraps… We sat and chatted for a long time, and were at the very moment discussing our high school years, when it happened…. the waiter came along to clear the table and ~SWOOSH~ an entire large glass of water and ice came FLYING across the table and landed (all probably about 2cups or so) in my lap… As it was slooshing over the edge of the table, the waiter was taking a break from reality, in where he started laughing and ran away to bring FOUR small napkins… and then used his bare hands to try and swoosh the water away from me… By this time I was hysterical with laughter, but my jeans weighed about 11 lbs… have you ever put wet jeans on right out of the wash?? Oh, admit it, you have! Or gotten caught in a torrential downpour and found yourself encased in wet denim? Ya, well that’s how I spend the last four hours of my day… My manager had told me I could go home if I wanted, but I had things to finish up, and the moisture finally warmed up to my body temperature and it wasn’t SO bad…

In other, better news, I have just made what I think is the BEST Apple Cheesecake EVER! It’s at least 10 times better than the test run from two weeks ago and I’m CONVINCED it should win… well,not convinced, but I’d be very impressed if it did.. you see, my baking history includes accidentally putting Celery Salt in place of Nutmeg in Cinnamon buns, and lighting my oven mit on fire while making garlic bread… so I made this fantastic dessert (twice now) and there hasn’t been any smoke or fire! And I put all the right ingredients in… I’d fall down if *I* won a baking contest. In true Princess Darcy fashion tho, I went to town on the presentation. I bought baby blue paper plates from the dollar store and 3D foil butterfly stickers. Then I put the stickers on the rim of the plate (two each, one big, one little). Then I bought small styrene apples from another dollar store and put toothpicks into the bottoms of them, made them a small waxed paper circle to sit on (so as not to poison people, if the styrene leaches) and I’ll stab it into the middle of the square of cheesecake. I stand to win an Ipod Nano, so that would be cool… even tho I don’t need one… it was fun finding the recipe, testing and refining it and then fooling around with the presentation.

I’m on holiday now until a week from Monday…

That’s all

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