Oh Relax!

I was going to go to bed early today, but then I had a Baby Gravol induced nap at 3pm in order to stave off a headache and now I’m uppy up up! 😦

Not too much going on in Princess Land… Work is pretty much the usual except for the fact that I am now doing a design project as one of my projects and I can’t begin to tell you how much it’s making me glad I quit my last job! I’m on color options 6 and 7 for this project and all I keep getting as feedback is ‘I don’t like it’ and then the person throws the samples across the desk and tries to rip pieces off the color board…
The nice thing about the job is that I got to go to the donor’s home to present the first option, and she lives in what can only be referred to as a mansion, so that was pretty fun to see. We’ll be going back there again, and she’s promised us a tour… I wonder if taking pictures is frowned on? I bet even if it wasn’t, taking pictures and then posting them on this here blog would be!

I spent this weekend in relaxation mode for the most part. Had a good 7 hour visit with my bestee and had tasty sandwiches and soup and peanut butter cheesecake for dinner! Oh, and vino of course. I think the one we had was a Merlot Cab called Lizard Flats (Australian of course because I am a wine snob of the Australian variety). Comes in a tetrapak, which was sort of weird, but really tasty!
Saturday I managed to drag myself out of bed to go to a massage… real hardship! After I came home, I made a sandwich (with the tomato and blue cheese leftovers from Friday) and then I couldn’t help myself so I took a nap. When Boy got home, we went to Michael’s for stuffing for Smungkee Bean and took a little detour at Aberdeen for some suppees. I did not like mine (Singapore Laksa), but that was only because they suck at making it and I was sad that I wasn’t in Singapore eating it… or an Oyster Omlette… tastiest invention ever! Seriously!
Stayed up sort of late on Saturday stuffing Smungkee Bean and sewing his parts together. He is 2’3″ tall when standing and has vintage buttons for eyes. His face is all on, ears on and legs on (altho they may come off and be re-put on). He just now needs arms and a tail, altho with the size of him, I’m afraid if I give him arms, he may start to fight back! No pictures of SB until he’s done and I can take them outside because he looks a weird color inside.

Today I got up early expecting to go to knitting, but then I had a headache and accidentally played feather with the cat for an hour and by the time I knew it, it was 1230… so I took the laundry, tidied, ate a bowl of cereal and then took the Baby Gravol and went to bed… and now here we are! See how ‘relaxing’ my weekend was?

This week is going to be long (more fighting over this design project) and painful (minimally invasive, but hella painful medical procedure on Thursday). I may beg off work on Friday depending on how I feel… And I will finish Smungkee Bean this week and post pictures of him!

That is all

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