No, you can not duct tape the overflow drain on the bathtub!

Okay, I haven’t actually done that but I really really want to! I PROMISE not to let the water over flow! Still no? Boo!

So I’ve invested quite a bit of free time in the last two weeks making my sock monkey… and now that he’s done, I have a vacant hole and can’t decide what to do with my knitting time… so I watch questionable TV and stalk Rubberneckers for drama! What a loser! I’m patiently waiting until Friday when I can cast on my new shawl (for the Knitting Olympics for those not in the know), but until then what should I d…. WAIT! The blankie! The big cuddly loveable beautiful lace sunflower blankie! Good thinking! I also offered to knit the last four inches of ribbing on my friend’s kneesocks… not sure if she’s going to take me up on it, but I’m good at knitting in the round and I’d like to help her get her mojo back!

I was reading through posts on my old blog today and realized that I had a lot of fun blogging back then… I think I went for three years of posting almost daily…and then three or so years of squat! I laughed out loud at some of the titles of my old blog posts… ‘One More Banana till the Weekend’ was my favorite! Perhaps I should start buying bananas again so I have something to gauge the week’s progression with?

The one thing I noticed on my old blogs was that there was NO whitespace… as in I wrote in long and rambling paragraphs with no actual paragraph formatting… Its a wonder that people used to read them… altho I was getting about 20 comments a post, so I guess people were reading them.

Pat made the best dinner tonight… chinese white bread (perfectly square and crust-less for those not in the know) with cheddar cheese and onions. Only the onions were sauteed for an hour in ponzu sauce and mirin… My description of this grilled cheese sandwich from heaven
‘Hon, this is like the best part of French Onion soup, in a sandwich with melty cheese’. Sounds good, no?

Yesterday I got leftovers out of the freezer (yes, me and leftovers… oh how things have changed) and texted Pat to tell him that we were having ‘chicken stew with rice’ for dinner. I was really excited about it because it was a concoction from the crockpot a few months back and it was really yummy. And then Pat got home and mentioned that what I was thawing in the pot was actually my ground beef and mushroom pasta sauce… 😦 What kind of a dummy can’t tell the difference between chicken and beef? Well I wasn’t LOOKING, okay? I just thought that was what was in the container and went with it… so then I had to go out and buy pasta. Burn!

Okay, without further ado, here is a picture of Smungkee Bean… taken on my blackberry, so be kind!

That is all!

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