Bonjour World… why yes, I am on holidays, why do you ask? 😉

It’s BEAUTIFUL here right now… cold, but beautiful!

The flight here was epic!  It’s a 55 min flight at the most and it took me NINE HOURS!  Apparently the airline pilots can land in the dark, but they can’t land in the fog… what I don’t understand is why they wouldn’t have grounded the flight on the Vancouver end instead of sending us up in the air to fly into a fog bank that was there for hours prior and for a while afterwards.  It’s only a one hour flight, so its not like a ton would change between our take off and arrival… but they sent us up, circled us around and then sent us back to Vancouver.  That was 2.5 hours… then they told us that it would be 10-15 min to get our new flights for later in the day booked, but ‘please don’t leave the lounge area, it will only be 10 min’.  Over ONE HOUR later, they finally called us up to get our new flights… Uh, I would have liked to go to the bathroom, but since it was only ’10 min’ I figured I could hold it… jerks!
Anyway, they put me on the 310 flight, which landed at 425 (we took off late).  That means that since I was at the airport at 7am, I didn’t get released into the non secure area of the PG airport for 9.5 hours… and then we had to drive 2 hours to get here… I was TIRED by the time we finally got here!

Got up at 730 on Thursday morning… weird!  We built a fire in the woodstove and watched Ceaser Milan for a while and then went for a long walk with the doggy where we found a deer hoof and a dead squirrel.
My dad’s friend came over for a visit while my dad made strawberry apple wine and I knit.  Got TWO projects finished since I’ve been here!  Had a nap, had dinner and watched tv and then went to bed.  This morning we went to visit the neighbors, went to town and I had TWO naps!  Tonight for dinner we made a camp fire and made hot dogs and then ate rice krispie squares I made yesterday.  I’m now drinking tea with honey and trying to figure out how to get the smoke smell out of my clothes…

We’re having turkey dinner tomorrow and pancakes and waffles (maybe or… not sure).
That is all!

Oh Hell!

Looks like I didn’t do such a good job this last couple of weeks with keeping this updated…I’ll try to do better…

What’s new… well I put myself on a yarn budget/spending plan because I think my stash is getting too crazy and I’m not knitting fast enough.. so now I can spend between $20 and $40 per month.  The kicker is, that I can spend that ONCE. So if I buy something in March and it’s only $30, the ten bux is lost.  This is because I’m terrible at remembering how much I’ve spent, so I would end up going over by incorrectly adding the purchases.  So it’s once per month and once only.  Also, the $40 does not carry over if I choose/end up not spending the money that month.  I tried to go yarn shopping yesterday, but I couldn’t find a single thing I wanted bad enough to spend my allotment.  It’s hard to shop now that I know that I’ll have to wait until next month if I buy the ‘wrong’ thing… I’m looking for some gray/dark gray sock yarn to make Akimbo with… I traded someone for some really awesome colorful sock yarn for the contrast stripes, so now I need the body… I’m thinking something super soft and cuddly, but I couldn’t find anything yesterday.  Altho in my head, it’s Alpaca… 

I won a bet on Ravelry a few weeks ago and the offer was a skein of cashmere… well I got that in the mail from MakoShark this week and it’s insanely gorgeous.  It’s in a deep pink in laceweight and it’s 100% cashmere.  I’ve never felt anything so soft in my life!  It barely weighs anything and I love it!  I’m afraid if I add it to my stash, it’s going to make the rest of the yarn jealous…. I think it’s about 600-1000 yards, so I can make a really beautiful shawl when I find the perfect pattern.  I was thinking Laminaria, but it doesn’t seem to fit the color… 

I’m going to my dad’s on holiday in a week and a bit!  I’m so excited!  I haven’t seen him since November and I need a little break from work.  I’m taking plenty of knitting and going to get plenty of Ceaser mix and vodka and having myself a nice little time!  hoping for some good food, good company and decent weather, altho I’m knitting like a maniac on my Multnomah in order to be able to wear it when I’m there.  I’m also hoping that my friend can fix my Canadian Mint before I leave so I can wear it too… It’s a real bummer that i lit that sucker on fire!
I ordered my February yarn from Yarntopia Treasures and I can’t wait for it to come.  I’m feeling stupid for the color I ordered because after I placed the order, I saw a beautiful red color that I want, but I’m sure it’ll be around so I can get it later.  It’s 60% silk and 40% Merino and it’s in Seaweed colorway.  I’m thinking THAT is going to be my Laminaria.

I’m having a TERRIBLE time with cramps again.  I thought I was done with them three weeks ago, but I was laying in bed this afternoon howling and writhing around… Luckily I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday and maybe she can give me some insight.  I go to Dr. Ed’s every two weeks, but even tho I was just there  yesterday I’m considering begging him to see me on Monday also… 
That’s pretty much it.