Oh Hell!

Looks like I didn’t do such a good job this last couple of weeks with keeping this updated…I’ll try to do better…

What’s new… well I put myself on a yarn budget/spending plan because I think my stash is getting too crazy and I’m not knitting fast enough.. so now I can spend between $20 and $40 per month.  The kicker is, that I can spend that ONCE. So if I buy something in March and it’s only $30, the ten bux is lost.  This is because I’m terrible at remembering how much I’ve spent, so I would end up going over by incorrectly adding the purchases.  So it’s once per month and once only.  Also, the $40 does not carry over if I choose/end up not spending the money that month.  I tried to go yarn shopping yesterday, but I couldn’t find a single thing I wanted bad enough to spend my allotment.  It’s hard to shop now that I know that I’ll have to wait until next month if I buy the ‘wrong’ thing… I’m looking for some gray/dark gray sock yarn to make Akimbo with… I traded someone for some really awesome colorful sock yarn for the contrast stripes, so now I need the body… I’m thinking something super soft and cuddly, but I couldn’t find anything yesterday.  Altho in my head, it’s Alpaca… 

I won a bet on Ravelry a few weeks ago and the offer was a skein of cashmere… well I got that in the mail from MakoShark this week and it’s insanely gorgeous.  It’s in a deep pink in laceweight and it’s 100% cashmere.  I’ve never felt anything so soft in my life!  It barely weighs anything and I love it!  I’m afraid if I add it to my stash, it’s going to make the rest of the yarn jealous…. I think it’s about 600-1000 yards, so I can make a really beautiful shawl when I find the perfect pattern.  I was thinking Laminaria, but it doesn’t seem to fit the color… 

I’m going to my dad’s on holiday in a week and a bit!  I’m so excited!  I haven’t seen him since November and I need a little break from work.  I’m taking plenty of knitting and going to get plenty of Ceaser mix and vodka and having myself a nice little time!  hoping for some good food, good company and decent weather, altho I’m knitting like a maniac on my Multnomah in order to be able to wear it when I’m there.  I’m also hoping that my friend can fix my Canadian Mint before I leave so I can wear it too… It’s a real bummer that i lit that sucker on fire!
I ordered my February yarn from Yarntopia Treasures and I can’t wait for it to come.  I’m feeling stupid for the color I ordered because after I placed the order, I saw a beautiful red color that I want, but I’m sure it’ll be around so I can get it later.  It’s 60% silk and 40% Merino and it’s in Seaweed colorway.  I’m thinking THAT is going to be my Laminaria.

I’m having a TERRIBLE time with cramps again.  I thought I was done with them three weeks ago, but I was laying in bed this afternoon howling and writhing around… Luckily I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday and maybe she can give me some insight.  I go to Dr. Ed’s every two weeks, but even tho I was just there  yesterday I’m considering begging him to see me on Monday also… 
That’s pretty much it.



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