You are my inspiration!

Well, today’s topic is to talk about a great knitter that inspires you. I don’t think I can answer that…I can’t. Honestly, I have never read a Barbara Walter’s book or an Elizabeth Zimmerman book and I have no real idea as to why they’re considered so amazing. (not that I don’t think they are, it’s just that I am not aware of any of their work specifically…my own doing I guess). I am interested in the modern evolution of knitting (which i know is borne from the past) and the modern inspirations that are made very much available to us in this technological age. I like seeing the pictures of new designs from new designers… I like seeing the yarn and pattern combinations that are endless and amazing on Ravelry. This is what inspires me…I am also wildly inspired by people around me…. Yarnpiggy did a similar sort of entry to this topic and I think she’s right on. (not to mention, SmungkeeBean is on her blog! He’s flattered!). I am inspired by people in my knitting group that have an amazing appreciation for the tool of our trade, yarn. There are girls (sorry boys, I haven’t met any of you yet) who can identify a yarn just by seeing it. There are girls that can hold two different colored yarns together and make bacon! (well bacon scarves, but seriously, it’s pretty awesome!). There are girls that make entire Cowichin inspired sweaters in two weeks. Girls that make shawls and lacey veils and socks! Oh so many socks! If I had to pick which of these people I was most inspired by, I would have to say that it’s anyone in my group (or in the world in general) that can do an immpecable job on colorwork. One of the girls has made argyle socks on the smallest needles i’ve ever seen. In a black background… BLACK!

I think the most inspiring thing about knitters that I know is that they’ve taken a craft that has a stereotype of being for seniors and somewhat untrendy (in both product and in theory) and turned it into a chic, trendy expression of their artistic talent. The patterns they pull off are amazing, their talent for the craft is amazing, their willingness to share and teach and mentor and help and encourage is amazing and they’re all inspiring to me in different ways.

Unfortunately none of you inspire me enough to link your Ravelry profiles or blogs because I’m lazy and I’m at work… You all know how to find eachother!

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