Choose your own Ending Shawl Pattern

The design is up! Please be kind, as this is my first design, but it’s very much up to you how to big or small your shawl ends up! You get to pick the yarn and needles to get a gauge and size you like. You can knit a lot or a little bit, depending on how much yarn, patience and time you have. You can put as many eyelet rows or as few as you like. It’s really a Choose your own Adventure shawl and I’m so thrilled to be able to publish it and get feedback on it.

I’m available via Ravelry (yarnballa) or here for comments, help and feedback, so please don’t hesitate!

Download Pattern PDF


10 thoughts on “Choose your own Ending Shawl Pattern

  1. A beautiful shawl. A very well-written and easy pattern! I also love the colour you have on it. It is rhabarber from wollmeise, isn't it? It is my favorite, and I luckily got a skein few days ago.

  2. Why thank you! Yes, it's rhubarber from WM and it's my favorite color of yarn ever! Really amazing and it's lovely to knit with because the colors are amazing as they go through your fingers! Enjoy!

  3. I just found your shawl today but cannot open the pdf file. Could you please email it to Thank you. It looks wonderful.

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