A vacation and some work

Well… I call it work, because it’s difficult-ish, but it’s not ‘work-work’.  First the vacay!  Kitty went to stay in the Cat Hotel (www.urbantails.ca – awesome!) and Boy and I went to visit my Dad in Fraser Lake.  We took our fishing rods, packed some food and hopped in the truck on Saturday at 6.  We drove till midnight and then stayed in a fleabag hotel (they’re getting a letter!) and drove the rest of the way on Sunday morning.  We had an amazing time… went creek walking, fishing, had a campfire with smores and hot dogs, lazed around, suntanned, went to town and played with the dog… what more could you ask for!
Here are some pictures… don’t be jealous ;)… actually… go ahead 😉

So after we got back, I set about getting ready for the window display that I’m taking part in… and I dyed up this wool… I wish I could find some smoother Merino top or something, cause this corriedale is pretty fuzzy and I’d rather have nice smooth roving…
4oz of Corridale in Moss Garden

4 oz of Corriedale in Fish Pond

3.5oz of 50/50 Merino Tencel in ‘Late Summer Hydrangea’

3oz of Corridale in Be ‘sTeal my heart – sorry about the flash pic.. it’s two toned blue and teal.

And finally, altho it’s still wet, there’s 5oz of Corriedale in ‘Late Summer Hydrangea’

I have a LOT of work ahead of me, as I also am doing stitch markers and jewelery for the display (the jewelery might not get done).  Hopefully this is all well recieved.


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