A Fluttering Piece of Delicate Tissue Paper

So some self proclaimed ‘diva’ on Ravelry, who thinks he can do ‘woman’ better than me (an actual woman) has declared me a ‘fluttering piece of delicate tissue paper’.  Not getting into the whole story, but he decided that because my shawl pattern had one error on it, that he would take a public shit all over it and then get all defensive when told he was being rude.  I understand he’s not well liked on Ravelry anyway, so I’m not too concerned, but needless to say, I’m not really in the mood to publish a new at the moment… however if you want an easy peasy toque for winter, let me know and you can test knit for me…. because I just finished the first iteration of a really cute new toque.  It’s done in Aslan Trends Ecolana 60% Alpaca and 40% Merino.  It took 49 grams of the 100g ball (so approximately 80meters).  It’s a 4-5 stitch/inch gauge on US 7-10.  I admit, I didn’t do a gauge swatch… I will do so for the next one I make, because it looks like you can get two hats out of one ball!  Score!

It doesn’t photograph well, because of the mixed gray coloring, but it’s basically about 10 rows of 2×2 ribbing, about 3″ of stockinette, 1.5inches of a 2k1p ribbing (which looks awesome reversed) and then stockinette the rest of the way up.  I love it and I’m pretty sure I love the reverse side with the reverse stockinette and the reverse of the rib the best!  I will attempt to get better pictures when Boy gets home, but for now you get this: (please excuse that it looks bumpy… the only model was my teddy bear and he has a small head and large ears…


One thought on “A Fluttering Piece of Delicate Tissue Paper

  1. I am so sorry you had to endure some twit's arrogance on Rav. I too, have had a run-in with a doltz there too. Your hat design looks darling….thanks for sharing!

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