My Birthday Present

I went back and forth a lot this year… I don’t usually buy myself a birthday present, but this year has been tough (well, the last half of it) and I felt like I deserved it… plus I had some money hidden away… I went through many ideas before I finally settled on the thing…

I bought THIS!  It’s the yellow and brown on in the corner, and it’s actually that exact one.  If you want to see and learn more about Fiveleft go to their website and if you click on the link to his blog, you’ll find out that if you watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, you probably have seen his work.  We went to the studio today during the crawl and it was impossible to not get lightheaded with all the amazing work he’s done.

So Voila… my pressie to myself (which I haven’t picked up yet, otherwise I’d take my own photos.)