Good Morning Blogland!

I have finally finished something! And by something, I mean not a hat! Yes, I know… hats are things too, but considering that I can knock a hat out in three or four hours, it’s really not that much of an accomplishment… I guess ten of them in two months is an accomplishment, but anyway, I digress!

I finished my Terra! It was quite a feat, since I chose to knit it out of something much resemblant of bailing twine! It’s an absolutely amazing pattern by the wonderful Jarod Flood. The guy is really amazing. I mean, he’s one of the best designers of modern knitting. His patterns and ideas will live on in timelessly well after he (and we) are gone!

My journey through the Terra was not without trouble tho… I managed to snap the cable of my knitpicks needles while working through the last pattern row of the main chart. This caused my jammed on stitches to spring free and make a run for it… that was back in December/January. Once the cable came in, I gave the item a good chunk of time in time out, until Thursday evening, when I saw it peeking at me from around the stash area. It was really silly to put it on such a long time out because I only had three or four rows of the main chart to do and then eight rows of the edge chart and the bind off. It went really quickly and I was very happy to be done! I did the EZ sewn bind off, but revised it because it calls for a piece of yarn 3-4x the length of the stitches to be bound off… well, let’s just say that turned into a tangled mess pretty quickly… so I did the bind off in 4 sections with four smaller lengths of yarn… it works, and you just weave in your ends when you’re done, so you don’t have to mess around with such a long piece of yarn!

I also learned how to kitchener and no offense to anyone, but what is the big deal? Knit (slip), purl, purl (slip) knit… and on and on you go…. doesn’t seem that difficult!

So once it was bound off and I wove in alllllll the ends, it went for an overnight bath in Soak and was blocked on Sunday morning. It went from 4′ wingspan to 6′ wingspan and a spine of 24″ went to 42″!

It’s impossibly big! it’s also impossibly scratchy and somewhat stiff, altho the drape seems beautiful and the stitch definition is out of this world! It’s definitely an heirloom knitted piece!

In other news since the last post I put up here, I’m now working at my dream job on the weekends…. yes, that’s right, Urban Yarns! I’m part of the inner circle of Urban Yarns! It’s so much fun! I love helping people and helping them pick out yarn and plan projects… I love the look of glee in the eyes of people as they find their version of the softest yarn they’ve ever touched or the most beautiful color or the best thing for their next project! It’s a ton of fun!

You know what’s not fun? My other work… right now it’s sucking the life out of me! I just this very second had someone come and ask me if I could order them arm rests for their chair. No, in fact, I can’t. It’s not my job and you have to get authorization from your manager and then order them yourself. Well, if that wasn’t the dirtiest look and huffiest reaction. They’re all nice until you tell them that you’re not helping them do something stupid and then they’re assholes…

Pictures of the 6′ x 4′ shawl to come… at the moment I only have a nasty iphone picture…. which I will share….

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