Not so much broken….

Okay, so it turns out that my sewing machine, which was ‘broken’ is not actually ‘broken’ in so much as it’s perfectly fine and there’s not a thing wrong with it… well, that’s not true, there’s one little thing wrong with it… I think they refer to it in the business as ‘user error’.  Okay okay… I had the bobin winder engaged, which means the hand wheel doesn’t turn which means the needle doesn’t go up and down.  I drove my sewing machine 15km away from my house, left it at the repair shop for three days and then went and picked it up while the staff in the store laughed at me.  thankfully, what that means is, while I am a smidge humiliated, it also means that my sewing machine isn’t broken and I can start working on my sewing projects again!
When Glenda and I went to Dressew, I found this super cute brown flannel with pink cupcakes on it that I want to make into PJ pants, but I didn’t buy any because at the time I didn’t know the outcome of my very sick sewing machine!  But now that it’s fixed, i can TOTALLY make pj pants!  With soft satin ribbon for the tie, and as long as I like… the trouble with being almost six feet tall is finding things like PJ pants that are long enough.  Even if they ‘appear’ to be long enough, the first time you wash them they shrink by 4″ and become flood PJ’s… which would be very handy… in a flood!
Also, I can now get going on finishing the baby blanket… if the starwars fabric would ever decide to show up!  I guess if it’s not here by this weekend, then I’m going to have to go back to Plan B (plan A being starwars) and put the orange fabric on it…
This weekend, besides sewing, I will also be taking Mr. Fluffypants to the vet.  He’s about five months over due for his appointment, which isn’t exactly life or death but last weekend he got into a huge fight and I called to make sure his rabies is up to date.  Which it is, however his kitty lukemia isn’t, so he has to go for that and a general checkup (which he LOVES… LOOOOOOOVES!)  I feel bad for the vet (Dr. Huggins… how cute is THAT!) because his nails are pretty long and he’s pretty vicious, but I’m not going to cut them now… I imagine that’s probably one of the only reasons he came out of the fight so well.  I just found another healing owie on his chin this morning, but nothing has gotten infected, so he survived another fight.  I do want to remember to ask the vet how you’re supposed to clean his wounds when he gets into a fight… do you do the rubbing alcohol/iodine treatment on cats?  Can you put hydrogen peroxide on their ouchies?  He’s survived thus far by me just wiping them with a facecloth, but it’d probably be good to disinfect him too. 
Here’s a quick snap of him helping me knit the baby blanket the other day.

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