So I’m still two days ahead of schedule on the GW… which is good, cause I think I want to go to bed when I get home and stay there until tomorrow!! My back is really hurting today… I just took two Advil about an hour ago and just now remembered I have Robax in my purse, so I took half… (cause you know, I’m at work and drooling on one’s desk is generally frowned upon). I’m hoping that pretty soon relief washes over me and I don’t want to scream and squirm around from the pain. I used to think it was my IUD trying to kill me but I think it’s actually my sciatic nerve… makes my left leg go numb and my entire midsection extremely uncomfortable… I can’t say it’s stabbing pain… more like being electrocuted… like wholesaley ridiculously uncomfortable to the point of intense pain… hard to explain…

I’m wearing my big puffy scarf today because I FINALLY made the button-link

Button-Link is a word that I made up but it’s similar to a cufflink but with buttons… this way you can take it off and use it on other items and you don’t need a button hole… as pictured to the right…(I sewed it together with pink silk/alpaca I had laying around, but you could do it with something a bit more matching and subtle!) you can make it with any two buttons and it’s a great way to get to utilize GIANT buttons without trying to make a giant button hole! All those amazing huge seed pod buttons and bark buttons, which you think would tear your knitting apart because they’re rough… you can use those! Really cool buttons that would look awesome as a shawl pin but you can’t figure out how to attach it to a stick… this will make them work!

Just make sure that the button on the back side is small enough to go through the stitches on your knitting. I don’t know how it would work and even if you would want it to work on a sweater, but your options are wild and free for making a closure for lace shawls and scarves/cowls… just make sure your back button fits snuggly through the lacework and voila!

And if you have some awesome buttons that you totally love but you don’t want to commit to sewing them on to your plain stockinette shawl, you can put a tiny button on the back (the front button shouldn’t be huge if you’re using tiny back buttons) and put them on your sweaters/shawls as accents and then take them off when you want to change them up or wear them plain. It’s ingenious!

If anyone is interested I can do a photo tutorial of how to make Button-Links with both shank style buttons and hole (?) style buttons. Let me know!

Anyway, here’s a picture of my big puffy scarf with it’s Button-Link. I feel just awful, so it’s kind of like a squishy teddy hug around my neck… plus it’s freezing in here!  **please forgive the absolutely drastically terrible picture of me… seriously, the angle is terrible as well as the lighting but it’s very hard to surreptitiously take photos of yourself at work!


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