Decisions decisions!

Oh… you appear pretty!… You appear soft and pink and so sweet… You’re tiny now, but soon you’ll grow and multiply… You’ll join forces with other small sweet pretties… You’ll look gorgeous!  And I will want to take a flame thower and burn you down!
Allergies!  WHY????  You make my eyes itch and burn and it feels like there are itchy crawlies jammed up my nose… I’m exhausted and am being tortured!  I’m a face toucher and now, in order to avoid conjunctivitis and a nasal infection again this year, there can be NO eye rubbing or nose rubbing…. Right now I want to attack my face with a wire brush… I suspect that would be ill advised!  I’m totally going to buy Vicks scented tissues today!  They probably won’t help with allergies but they make you feel better becuause VICKS!  YUM!
In other news, Glenda and I blocked our shawls last night… We layed down 24sqft of foam blocking mats in an L shaped configuration and danced a jig on huge towels soaked with wooly water…
14 blocking wires, around a hundred pins and two hours later and we had all three shawls perfectly blocked out.  My purple sugar (magic carpet) is a little over six feet long and about 14″ wide (I think… I didn’t measure and they’re still pinned to the floor drying).  My GW blocked out to be over 8′ long and 20″ wide.  The stitch definition worked out perfectly in the Cascade Heathers and the color is phenomenal.  I’ll let Glenda tell you about hers, but suffice it to say that it turned out GORGEOUS! 
I think what I’m shocked by is that I got it into my head to knit the GW and I stuck to it (stopping only to finish off Terra and the baby blanket) to get it done in a reasonable time!  As well, the magic carpet, which was cast on in September 2010 was given a good dose of ‘just get it done’ and I’m so glad I did!  I now regret having not knit the last two repeats, but I stand by my decision to get it done for yesterday… the tassels are going to look… um… weird?  But they’re going on anyway!
So I’ve been convinced, mostly by me and a little bit by supportive friends that I SHOULD have whatever sweater I want!  Originally I wanted the Central Park Hoodie, but I just bought the pattern for the pattern below… to be made out of Blackstone Tweed Chunky in Concord (purple tweed)  I’m actually terribly excited about it!

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