The HEIGHT of indulgence!

I had the most soul refreshing visit with my bestee last night!  She’s been in South America climbing mountains for the last five weeks so it was nice to hear all about the trip and have some couch time!
We also had wine time, which was fabulous, and had we planned better, I would have stayed overnight and then we could have been even more indulgent.  As it was, I was drunk by about 530 (um hello, red wine and popcorn!)

The first picture is courtesy of my iphone and while we said we were going to hide it, it’s just too good not to share… Kathleen brought Dulce de Leche home from Argentina and I went to Capers and bought a peanut butter sandwich cookie, an oreo sandwich cookie, (from Butter) and some truffle cookies (because I couldn’t decide what we wanted and I didn’t know she had the DdL) and the crackers are a flakey butter crackers… In our defense, we didn’t eat it ALL!
The second picture is courtesy of Kathleen.  She knows how much I love kitties so she takes pictures of them whenever she runs into them on her travels.  This kitty lives in a cabin in the mountains of Argentina… This has quickly become one of my favorite pictures of all time…  (click to make it bigger)
Thank you Kathleen!

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