Shooting Visitors!

Holy heck!  I finally did an update to the style of the ol’ blog!  Score!  Take a look over on the right hand side and you’ll see that I’ve entered the 21st (that’s right, right?) century and put an rss feed of my favorite blogs on the side… sorted by the most recent updates!  Yes, yes, I know, you all had that already… I’m slow!
If you have a blog that you just love that you think I need on that list there (the more often it’s updated, the better to hold my short attention span!), let me know!  Also, if I somehow missed you but you know I read you… let me know… I definitely haven’t excluded anyone on purpose!
So today I sent an email to the Pima County Natural Resources – Parks and Recreation.  It was a difficult email to send because I was attempting to not sound like an insane lunatic  (For those of you that are wondering, Pima County is in Arizona, where I am about to go and spend some time).  The title of my email did not portray that of a stable woman (more about the woman part in a minute), as it was entitled ‘Visitor Shooting’ and the query that I was trying to make not sound insane was ‘if I was a tourist in Pima County, how would I go about getting hold of a gun to shoot’.  Obviously I said it more effectively than that, but what I’m really trying to figure out is if I can go shooting somewhere while we’re in AZ.  The County forwarded my email to a range and said the following : Hey guys.  Can you respond to him please.  Thanks, Greg’.  Uh… really?  Him?  My email address has the word princess in it.  Is it entirely uncommon in AZ for a woman to want to shoot a gun?  Do you think that this sexist stereotyping makes it more or less likely that I’d want to shoot you a gun? Doofus!  Anyway, more investigation is necessary and apparently you can RENT firearms from a local Marksman shop.  WTF rent?  Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me!
In other news, yet another one of my KP cables snapped, so a bunch of stitches for the hat for my sister came flying off, I don’t have a longer cable to finish and I want to chuck the whole thing in the bin at this point.  Stupid Knit Picks!  I love you but why must you let me down like this?
I also ripped back on a friend’s sock in order to fix dog damage and it seems to be going well… I’ve never knit a sock and luckily this is the cuff, so it doesn’t involve anything past K3P1 ribbing and a bind off.
I’m now off to research other things to do on my trip… because while it’s my opinion that spending six days napping/knitting/drinking is a good idea, it’s probably going to bore me, so I should have something to do.  We’re going to go to Tucson to go yarn shopping and a visit to TJ’s on one of those days… maybe that, and the massage I have booked is all I need?

2 thoughts on “Shooting Visitors!

  1. I'm amused how many people want to shoot guns. I was raised with them, so I don't have to go out in search of them. I do have to say, it's pretty satisfying to blow a target away. Good luck finding one!

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