Shop till you drop! (the yarn will be a soft landing)

Good morning!
Only a few moments to let you know that my brain has in fact not really returned, but I prefer to believe that I’ve just given it a well deserved vacation and not that it has taken this opportunity to go on the lam!
Off to a massage today and then to do my best to help out the Arizona economy with my hopefully extravagant yarn purchases, a new wallet, a new carry bag (since I stupidly forgot mine at home) and anythinig else fun I can find.  Oh, and Trader Joes!
You can get somewhat realtime updates on Henri’s desert (not dessert I keep telling him!) adventure on my twitter page (link below).
Tonight I’ll fill you in on the grand happenings of the last couple days and like previous, apologies for no pictures.  When the guy we rented from said ‘wireless’ we thought he meant he had ‘wireless’.  I now believe he just wrote that in because other people write it in their house profiles and he doesn’t actually know what it means.  Like when really old people say ‘LOL’.

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