48 hours in…

I’ve been here for 48 hours now… we’ve consumed a LOT of beer… well… me not so much, but still, more than my usual yearly allotment.
Today was a great day!  It started out with a massage, which was less of a massage and more of a Reiki/Cranial Sacral treatment, which I would have declined if I’d known that’s what she was doing, but it was great.  She asked me what I was there for and I said that I was under an incredible amount of stress and I just wanted to relax.  And relax I did… for the first fourty minutes.  The last twenty minutes were me trying to avoid having a panic attack.  The reason?  Because whatever she was doing, balancing the chi, or whatever, she made my bladder WAKE UP and I was SURE I was going to weee on the table.  Like so sure that I was going to wee that a couple times I almost told her to be done because I was going to freak out.  I have to say that after that, it wasn’t so relaxing, altho once dressed and sufficiently relieved, the feel of relaxation was immense, so I can only imagine what it would have been like if I wasn’t crawling out of my skin at the end!

After that, we started our trek to Tucson to go to Grandma’s Spinning Wheel.  We found it with ease and the second I walked in, I was magnetically drawn to the most amazing skeins of handspun/hand dyed yarn I’ve ever seen! 
Alert!!  If you’re not interested in detailed description of yarn, skip to the next bold red sentance!
I immediately grabbed one gorgeous gray merino with a tiny tiny bit of silver Angelina spun in (a lovely robust two ply) and one purple and gray that was a two ply of merino and merino/silk. They’re going together into something.  I have 208 yards of the purple and 158 of the gray.
Then I found Pagewood Farms Sock Bites, which were tiny little skeins of random yarns from Pagewood.  I pulled out all of this gorgeous electric pink/purple and a matching amount of lime green.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet… now that I don’t suck at colorwork, I might put something interesting on the top of a mitten.
THEN!  They told me about the ‘spinning room’ which was an adjoined shop that had all the fibre you can ever imagine.  I bought two bundles of silk hankies (I’ve always wanted silk hankies, ever since Yarnharlot knit mittens out of it raw.  One is lime green and yellow and one is white, pink and light green (as you know, my favorite combination ever!).  THEN!  Even more THEN!  I found the Sari Silk bin and bought 1oz of Sari Silk fibre (all they had in the one color that I loved… plus I don’t know how to spin it, so one packed zipper bag was enough).  That was $3.75.  Is that a good price for Sari Silk fibre?
And then, after I had my sock bites for colorwork, silk hankies, the hand spun yarn and a dozen cedar balls for my stash, I stumbled upon the last thing and pretty much fell down… my wallet sprang from my purse and I ACCIDENTALLY purchased a 550yard skein of the most gorgeous yarn you’ve ever seen!  It’s in my favorite colors and it’s going to make the most beautiful Multnomah you’ve ever seen!  What kind of yarn you ask?  Why $45.50 worth of the most gorgeous yarn you’ve ever seen.  Why am I not telling you what the fibre content is?  Because there are people who read this who I see in real life and I want them to see it before I say.  Don’t worry, it’s not acrylic.
Then, before I could argue, Janet bought me a gorgeous Indonesian shawl pin.  The best part about it is that it goes perfectly with my current obsession with knitting really big lace because it’s REALLY BIG!

Yarn talk over.

After we’d spent as much time as I thought fair in the yarn store, we headed on over to Trader Joe’s where I purchased more than one and less than eleven packages of the Roasted Seaweed Snacks, some treats for Pat, some crackers and dip stuff and a new Peanut Satay sauce that I want to try.  I wanted to buy more sauces, but my suitcase is already SO HEAVY that jars of sauce weren’t in the cards (plus, I’d rather my stuff didn’t smell like Masala, should the jars burst open.)

We decided that we should probably go to Jack in the Box for lunch (do not ask.  It was a moment of weakness but in my defense I didn’t eat french fries, even tho I’m on VACATION!).  Right as we were going to leave the parking lot a lady backed into the rental car and caused all kinds of damage.  From that moment on, Janet was too shaken to drive (and she’s not crazy about driving in new places in the first place) so I drove.  We got home safely, after driving right through the path of an oncoming tornado mere yards away from the road!

After catching up with Dad about his golf game and calling the insurance people for the car, we ingested a few beers (which is why I was a bit drunk at 5:30pm) and then went in search of a birthday party.  We never did find the birthday party, so we went for dinner the three of us and now we’re home. Tomorrow we’re going to Madera Canyon for a walk, some bird watching and then the driving range.  On Saturday Dad and I are going golfing just the two of us.  I can’t wait!

Henri really enjoyed the trip today.  He met ‘Jack’ of Jack in the Box and he met ‘Grandma’ of Grandma’s Spinning Wheel.  He stayed home instead of coming to dinner because he doesn’t really like birthday parties… I won’t let him eat the cake!

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