Henri’s Arizona Adventure

I got three hours of sleep last night and then headed out to the Tucson airport at 3:15am.  Therefore, I will post photos for you now and tell the rest of the story later.  You only care about the photos anyway, right?

 Henri discovering his first Cactus.

 Deciding that it looked ‘squooshy’…

 Needing a beer to recover… also a bandaid on his butt!

 Quails are the national bird… he was too scared to get closer…

 Showing that it was almost 90F out! (that translates to around 35C)

 Enjoying a bit of Ukelale serenade

 He decided that the environment was perfect for knitting and playing Ukelale

 Another beer… this time Smithicks from Guiness. He REALY enjoyed that!

 Henri was very excited to meet Grandma herself from Grandma’s Spinning Wheel.  He’s sorry that it looks like he pulled her skirt down…

 Hangin’ out in a basket full of Angelina

 Hiking in Madera Canyon.  He forgot his water tho, so he only went two miles up and then had to come back.

 Henri likes to climb!

 Henri met a friend.

 Henri rescued this little baby bird but decided not to pose in the picture.  The mommy came to get the baby shortly after.

Out for a 7am tee time on the links.
 Too tired to keep golfing, so he rode along

 Henri didn’t get to come to the USA Raceway.  He prefers not to be covered in mud globs!

 After winning $50 at the casino (of which the first $10 he stole out of my purse!)

 Look at all those Ben and Jerry flavors we don’t get in Canada!  What flavor is the cat one?

 Riding down the conveyer belt at Safeway

He wanted a picture with Dad but at 330am, Dad had other ideas!

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