Shut UP!

Dear Pretentious Idiot
The trend of signing off your email with ‘Cheers’ is bad enough… I know, I know, lots of people do it.  Well, from what I understand, it’s from the English and meant for ‘Thanks’ and on some internet forums they argue that it can also be meant as ‘goodbye’ as long as the person was there to help you.  At any rate, regardless of what it means  WHERE IT BELONGS, in my opinion, when you’re not actually English/Irish/Scotish it’s a pretentious and obnoxious way of signing off an email in order to make yourself seem cultural! 
Now, I can accept that it’s become somewhat of a cultural norm (even tho it’s obnoxious!) to sign off emails with ‘Cheers’.  What I can NOT accept is that you SAY it to EVERYTHING!
Person: did you want to go out for lunch?
Pretentious Idiot (PI): Cheers!
Person: Just so you know, the printer is broken
PI: Cheers!
Person: Oh, sorry, i didn’t mean to bump into you
PI: Cheers!
You sound like a MORON!  You sound like an obnoxious idiot!  You’re not cultured!  You’ve never been anywhere!  You grew up in North Van for crying out loud!  Try and act like a normal human being and cut out your ‘I’m so cultured crap’.  You sound like an idiot!

Things I want to do (start doing again)

The Book.  At one time I had a book.  A pretty plain journal with striped cover and lined pages.  It had many sections, and some are ones I would like to take up again.
In that book is a wine journal.  I’m sure it’s wildly out of date now but it’s worth looking through and then taking up again.  It’s kind of fun to see what your tastes are and to look back.
Also in that book were costs of things that I bought on a somewhat regular basis to determine the price per year that was being spent.  Most notably from my memory (which is sadly not what it used to be), I was writing down how much cat food we were buying and how much it was and how much was being spent on his nails etc.  I would like to take this back up especially with regard to Mr. Fluffypants and write all his costs down so that I can determine when and if I can afford to care for another kitty!
One of the things that was in that book which I plan to move to a new book and expand on was a list of restaurants.  Either ones we liked or ones we wanted to try.
In the new book, I plan to put the same in, but then also lists and recipes of food that I like to eat and make.  The reason for the addition of the lists and recipes is that I am a terrible rememberer when I get hungry and I can’t remember what I like to eat.  Sounds dumb I know, but lists are helpful for me!
A more one time thing I would like to do is to go down to a nice fabric store (I’m not talking about you Dressew!) and buy some printed cotton and make new pillow shams for my bedding set.  The ones I have from my favorite duvet are white and through wear and what appears to be a laundromat bleach accident, they’ve become somewhat discolored.  In an ideal world, I’d like to have/make a new white duvet, but with the reality of the kitty and his penchant for going outside, getting muddy and then flopping on the bed, there’s not much point in wasting that money!  A thought that just came to me is that I could get small (dessert plate sized) bits of fabrics I love and zigzag squares of them on to the top of the existing white duvet.  I will ruminate on that a bit more because it might be a nice, somewhat inexpensive way to renovate an existing duvet cover… it also might look a little too hippy chic for me!  We shall see.  Any suggestions are welcome!
I’d like to (and better) start running again.  I’ve decided to do a half marathon with my sister ( next year and if I don’t start running now, it’ll probably be really hard!  BTW, sister, when is it and where?
I’d like to bring my lunch to work every day!
I would like to write a Blurb book. 
I would like to get my knitting patterns written up and published! (just need some good pictures of the hat and then I’m ready to go on that one!)
I would like to drink the appropriate amount of water a day (said as she sits here drinking coffee!)
I would like to find a permanent counselor.  Mine is only good for about another six to eight sessions and then I have to find someone else.  Any recommendations?

Things I don’t understand.

Thing #1:  Alcohol.  Okay, I actually UNDERSTAND alcohol.  It’s yummy.  What I don’t understand is why I was driving home from work yesterday and I had an overwhelming urge to consume alcohol.  At the time, I didn’t even think ‘one beer’ or ‘one JD and coke’.  I thought ‘A.L.C.O.H.O.L.!!!’.  So what I don’t understand is why a person such as myself that rarely drinks, would find it necessary to take repreive in alcohol!  I did drink, for the record.  I had 2 Granville Island Raspberry Ales.  Kind of an odd beer and difficult to drink more than that in one sitting.  HOWEVER, I know… I KNOW! that if I had been drinking something different… JD and coke, more standard beer, I would have drank more.  What the hell is up with that? 
Thing #2: Hockey!  LOL… okay, calm down!  Again, I actually have an acute understanding of hockey.  I know what constitutes a penalty, what icing and offside are and most of the ins and outs of the game.  What I do not understand is other people as related to hockey.  I’ve been a hockey fan for about 25 years… My team has never won the Holy Grail of hockey, the Stanley Cup.  Up until yesterday, it had been 17 years since we even got close enough to have a shot at it.  Now, that doesn’t mean that SOMEONE didn’t win.  In the last 25 years, the cup has been handed out 25 times.  And every time, I say ‘Oh, good for them’.  So what I don’t understand is people getting on Facebook and saying things like ‘If Vancouver wins, I’ll blow my head off’.  I get that you’d probably rather your team won, but at the present, there are only three teams left in the running and I would bet dollars to donuts that the guy that made that statement has a team that has been out of contention for a while.  Why the animosity?  Why can’t you be happy (or even neutral!) about it?  How about cheering for good play and the love of the game?  Why are people so angry about our specific team?  We’ve worked hard for this and win or lose, they sure as hell deserve to be right where they are!
Thing #3: Bad Attitudes.  Yup… don’t understand them.  I know that everyone processes things in their life quite differently.  It’s an amazing thing because ten different people presented with the exact same situation will process and understand it differently!  However, what I don’t understand is the constant ‘bad mood’.  Everyone has shit going on it their lives.  I’ve just broken up an almost 5 year relationship.  It’s shit alright!  What I don’t do however, is put my anger, disappointment, bad mood and terrible attitude onto the people around me.  In fact, I don’t even claim ownership to those last two things.  Bad mood?  No.  Terrible attitude?  No.  I don’t see the point.  Yes, I’m terribly sad and confused and disappointed.  Does that mean that I can bite the heads off my co-workers or scream at someone in a grocery store?  No.  So while I may be more well adjusted than some people, I just don’t understand the bad attitude.  The fact that people take their bad day, bad attitude, bad mood out on me.  It’s mean and it’s unnecessary!
Thing #4: Things you know are good for you.  I understand them.  I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult to do what’s best for your mind and body and easier to do things that are not so good.  Coffee instead of water?  Couch instead of excersise?  Carbs instead of Veg?  Yes… why is that such a difficult (and yet so easy!) choice to make??


I don’t really know what to write in this space.  I have snippets flying around in my head right now but the second I go to try and wrangle them into some sort of sense, they fly away again into a jumbled mess.
I guess since I can’t figure out a way to talk about my situation without sounding stupid, I could talk about knitting!
I picked up my Alpaca Tarp again… I think the problem with it is that the pattern is not very intuitive in certain spots.  As you decrease the leaves, it makes total sense, but there’s a weird zig zag line that goes throughout the whole thing that keeps throwing me off!  I do love it tho and I can’t wait for it to be done.  It’ll probably be too big and too hot to wear now, but winter will come around again and I can always  wear it in the house or out on cool summer nights.  I’m second guessing my sweater now.  Not because I dont’ love it and don’t think that I deserve it but because now that my situation has changed, I really feel that there are other big changes coming about, including getting back into better shape.  Not to say that I’m going to wait to knit the sweater until I reach some magical size, but just that I don’t think knitting it in the biggest size right now is very smart when change is coming.  At the very least, it’s still OTN and I am just going to put it aside for the time being and see how things shake out.
Being that I don’t have a single other project on the needles (besides the blankie, and we’re just not talking about that!) I think I’m going to cast on for a Multnomah out of either the Rayon that I bought in Tucson, or the MadelineTosh Pashmina that is languishing in my stash right now.  OR!  I could cast on the storm cloud shawlette out of Kangaroo Dyer’s gorgeous yarn.  Hmmm… May do that… since it’s a cute and different shape than the alpaca tarp!  And now I’m completely wrong because I also have my Schoppel Wolle Crazy Zauberball 6ply ribbed scarf on the needles… that will probably come to work and hang out here… It’ll be cute when it’s done and I think I might give it to the shop for a sample.  I’m sort of running out of room to store the stuff and it’s becoming a bit ridiculous how many finished thingies I have!
That’s all I have for now.  The Canucks play tonight and I’m going to be knitting on the Alpaca Tarp and screaming at the television!  Doesn’t that sound like FUN?

All my riches for….

Here’s the shawl that I finished in record time.  In fact I’m convinced that it probably must have knit a huge portion of it independently!

One skein of merino and silk/merino and one skein of gray merino and a few fluffs of angelina, spun up by the owner of Grandma’s Spinning Wheel in Arizona.

This was inspired by the Mara shawl, but the mods mean that it’s not REALLY a Mara shawl.
I did mine in stockinette instead of garter, changed the increases in the ribbing section, knit it out of bulkier wool and did less of a ribbed border than the original calls for.
Here are a whole heap of pictures for your viewing pleasure!  Sorry the gray was so over exposed.