Things I want to do (start doing again)

The Book.  At one time I had a book.  A pretty plain journal with striped cover and lined pages.  It had many sections, and some are ones I would like to take up again.
In that book is a wine journal.  I’m sure it’s wildly out of date now but it’s worth looking through and then taking up again.  It’s kind of fun to see what your tastes are and to look back.
Also in that book were costs of things that I bought on a somewhat regular basis to determine the price per year that was being spent.  Most notably from my memory (which is sadly not what it used to be), I was writing down how much cat food we were buying and how much it was and how much was being spent on his nails etc.  I would like to take this back up especially with regard to Mr. Fluffypants and write all his costs down so that I can determine when and if I can afford to care for another kitty!
One of the things that was in that book which I plan to move to a new book and expand on was a list of restaurants.  Either ones we liked or ones we wanted to try.
In the new book, I plan to put the same in, but then also lists and recipes of food that I like to eat and make.  The reason for the addition of the lists and recipes is that I am a terrible rememberer when I get hungry and I can’t remember what I like to eat.  Sounds dumb I know, but lists are helpful for me!
A more one time thing I would like to do is to go down to a nice fabric store (I’m not talking about you Dressew!) and buy some printed cotton and make new pillow shams for my bedding set.  The ones I have from my favorite duvet are white and through wear and what appears to be a laundromat bleach accident, they’ve become somewhat discolored.  In an ideal world, I’d like to have/make a new white duvet, but with the reality of the kitty and his penchant for going outside, getting muddy and then flopping on the bed, there’s not much point in wasting that money!  A thought that just came to me is that I could get small (dessert plate sized) bits of fabrics I love and zigzag squares of them on to the top of the existing white duvet.  I will ruminate on that a bit more because it might be a nice, somewhat inexpensive way to renovate an existing duvet cover… it also might look a little too hippy chic for me!  We shall see.  Any suggestions are welcome!
I’d like to (and better) start running again.  I’ve decided to do a half marathon with my sister ( next year and if I don’t start running now, it’ll probably be really hard!  BTW, sister, when is it and where?
I’d like to bring my lunch to work every day!
I would like to write a Blurb book. 
I would like to get my knitting patterns written up and published! (just need some good pictures of the hat and then I’m ready to go on that one!)
I would like to drink the appropriate amount of water a day (said as she sits here drinking coffee!)
I would like to find a permanent counselor.  Mine is only good for about another six to eight sessions and then I have to find someone else.  Any recommendations?

2 thoughts on “Things I want to do (start doing again)

  1. I really like your notebook/journal idea. I like it a lot. In today's world it's so hard to remember everything and having a place to write it all down would be ideal!I have a wonderful counselor whom I LOVE. Warning though – she's probably not for everyone. My husband isn't a big fan (I think she scared the shit out of him). She's a bit "tough love" and very straight shooting. Maybe all counselors are like that, I don't know. I just know she's not all fluffy and floofy like some others that I've seen. Anyways, her name is Susan Tishler. She's in Coquitlam near Coquitlam Centre.Good luck with all the things you want to do. They sound very positive and appealing.

  2. You asked why you stopped doing your book. I think that things fall by the wayside because we run out of time and the mental endurance to get it all done. It's a self preservation thing, I think…and it's strange that when in the effort to self preserve yourself, that the mind tosses the things that are good for you and that help and make you balanced and whole. Weird. But, I'm thrilled to hear that you are re-examining your life and deciding what you want to keep and not keep, it's something we could probably all benefit from and not just at a time of crisis. Like Tarable said, all your things sound very positive and things that will fulfill you in the long run.In my own experience, I have a cookbook (the Alton Brown blank one that you got me) and I've called it The Food We Eat. Only winner recipes make it into that book….so that when I'm having a hard time deciding what to cook or grocery shop for, I can flip through it and know that we love everything in there so there is no question. I also have a "One Day" book. How many times do we, as busy people, drive by or see commercials for or hear about a place or event or food and say/think "One day we should go there/try that/register for that." The reason that I started it was because on days when I couldn't think of anything to do besides sit about and stare at the paint on the walls, it would annoy the tar out of me a week later when I remembered one of the things that would have been perfect right then.Regarding your questions, the Half Marathon information is available here this is the info for this year but they do it every year. I'm not sure of the exact date but it's in Seattle in July sometime.Regarding the hat, yes, I will attempt to photograph it this weekend on my head. Not so sure if I will be as model-esque as the chic in that picture you sent but I'll do my best.

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