Shut UP!

Dear Pretentious Idiot
The trend of signing off your email with ‘Cheers’ is bad enough… I know, I know, lots of people do it.  Well, from what I understand, it’s from the English and meant for ‘Thanks’ and on some internet forums they argue that it can also be meant as ‘goodbye’ as long as the person was there to help you.  At any rate, regardless of what it means  WHERE IT BELONGS, in my opinion, when you’re not actually English/Irish/Scotish it’s a pretentious and obnoxious way of signing off an email in order to make yourself seem cultural! 
Now, I can accept that it’s become somewhat of a cultural norm (even tho it’s obnoxious!) to sign off emails with ‘Cheers’.  What I can NOT accept is that you SAY it to EVERYTHING!
Person: did you want to go out for lunch?
Pretentious Idiot (PI): Cheers!
Person: Just so you know, the printer is broken
PI: Cheers!
Person: Oh, sorry, i didn’t mean to bump into you
PI: Cheers!
You sound like a MORON!  You sound like an obnoxious idiot!  You’re not cultured!  You’ve never been anywhere!  You grew up in North Van for crying out loud!  Try and act like a normal human being and cut out your ‘I’m so cultured crap’.  You sound like an idiot!

6 thoughts on “Shut UP!

  1. North Vancouver is a city/suburb of Vancouver… and I'm not slagging North Van… I grew up in Prince George… it's not common for people my age, from places like that to be blurting out English phrases and this particular person is already obnoxious enough without the extra help…

  2. Hmm, I do use 'cheers' a lot, but I use it to say 'thanks' (or alternatively, when clinking glasses together), not 'goodbye' (which makes no sense) and also, I am English. Oh, and I don't use it in e-mails.

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