1.  I have not drank caffiene for the last week.  This started out unintentionally and now I’ve decided to keep it up for a while.  The coffee shop I go to makes a red espresso, which is made with rooibos tea.  It’s very fine and they pack a bunch into the espresso cup/brewer/thingy and then force out rooibos tea and add hot water.  It’s very yummy with a tiny bit of brown sugar and a splash of cream or almond milk.  I can’t feel any difference between drinking caffiene and not drinking caffiene, but it’s probably better in the long run.
2.  I think I either dislocated my shoulder or dislocated my rib… I can’t move my right arm or turn my head… in fact, my head is so imobilized from the pain that I can’t drink water from a glass or bottle because I can’t tip my head back… good thing I like straws!  Anyway, I’m thinking I might have to get an emergency appointment at Dr. Ed’s but I don’t really want anyone to touch it.  It’s excrutiating to move, lay in bed, sit on the couch and stand.
3.  I didn’t go to work on Sunday because I hadn’t really slept and I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get dressed.  Plus, the yarn store is a pretty dynamic environment and not being able to move your head and arm makes it pretty impossible to help people.  I first thought I could just cashier, but the keyboard/mouse set up is quite low and I have to bend to use it… and bending is just not an option.
4.  I got new HD tv and my hdpvr on Saturday!  The TV I bought last month sure looks pretty now!  I don’t have very many channels… Just the regular network ones (global, ctv, cbc) and then I got Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery and Discovery World and Spike.  I already have a long list of things to pvr already scheduled so it doesn’t seem like I’ll be channel deprived.
5.  The cleaners came to my house on Saturday.  They’re amazing!  They moved all the furniture out of the way to vacuum, cleaned the oven (I presprayed it), washed the floors, scrubbed the tub and toilet!  And vacuumed with a DYSON, which means that there must have been a LOT of cat hair in her canister when she was done!
6.  For the third week in a row, I’ve brought both my breakfast and my lunch and snacks to work!

One thought on “Random…

  1. 1. Caffeine is actually good for your body however most people drink too much and the good is overruled by the amount of cream and sugar that they put in. Red tea is also amazing for you.2. Get that looked at. But do not use heat! Ice for 10 on, 10 off and 10 on again. Three time/day.4. Cool! Don't forget to go outside occassionally!5. That must feel nice!6. Good job!

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