Way too much

SUN!  P’cess got WAY too much sun today!  I feel as tho I might barf… While I wait for my baby Gravol to kick in and take myself to bed for a MUCH DESERVED Saturday night sleep into a Sunday that I don’t have to work, I will leave you with these pictures.

I worked at the Harmony Arts Festival today for Indigo Moon. Totally fun, totally love the woman, so tired and pukey!

 Henri took some time out to contemplate the scenery
 Henri and the Lion’s Gate Bridge
 Henri and Trish Moon of Indigo Moon
 Henri was trying to convince me he wanted a blanket for Christmas
 Hanging out in hand dyed Canadian Merino
 Trish and her lovely booth
 Henri auditioning for a job as the mascot.
 Henri shows off the new yarn I’m getting for my work.  It’s called Wildberries.  YUM!
 Henri snuck to the booth next door…
Hanging out with the 100% silk laceweight

One thought on “Way too much

  1. The photos are so great! Henri always makes me laugh – it was great to hang out with the both of you for a couple of days! Hope Henri was ok in the sun…it was a bit too much for me too….next time I need a hat and sunblock.

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