Today is not starting out well!
I put a whole bunch of almond milk in my coffee and I think it was off… it tastes terrible… I’m considering drinking it anyway…
I was eating a Pumpkin Spice Muffin from Whole Foods and a pumpkin seed and little blob of muffin went down the side of my throat and I had to cough so hard I nearly barfed… that didn’t help remove it… it’s still there…
My house is a mess… I don’t know how it happens because I cleaned it on Friday afternoon… but there it is… messy.
I would have liked to stay snuggled in my bed all morning… I’ve taken the black out blinds off the window for the winter… I enjoy being in bed when the soft light filters through the window…
I did not make my own breakfast, bring snacks or lunch… I feel unhappy about that…
The good things…
I brought my new friend Gargy to work today… (see below).  He was a gift from my friend Glenda.  I love him!  He has pipe cleaners in his arms and legs but I swear he moves them by himself… I pose him and every time I turn around he’s reaching for something…
Photo Credit Glenda
I found a very cool project on Pinterest last night (when I should have been sleeping!).  Basically it’s a perpetual scrapbook of sorts.  Here’s the link.  I’m going to use bigger cards I think… because on some it might be nice to be able to put a picture or a scrap of yarn (if I happen to finish a project that day).  Also, I’m not very consice so one sentance might not cut it for me…  I’m very excited about it but was thinking of waiting till January 1 to start it… altho I guess I could start it whenever I wanted to… what do you think?  Now, or wait?  Here’s the link.   
I would also like to find some happy/sad/neutral face stickers to put next to every day as an indicator of my overall attitude.
New projects fun!

2 thoughts on “Gargy

  1. I've thought about making a journal like that in a bound sketch book (one with a hard cover and heavy-weight paper) and then using it as an agenda as well as a journal… so you can write down appointments and ideas and keep mementos all in one place – kind of like my list book, but bigger and more inclusive. That way its a little more portable than a collection of individual cards.PS: I wouldn't drink the milk if I were you! 😉

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