High Output

I’ve been in a high output of knitting sort of way.  Never mind the fact that the hat is at a gauge of 2st/1″ and the mittens were sort of a pet project and also didn’t take very long due to the gauge and how little of a project they actually are.  I’m thinking of giving up my insane hat knitting addiction and starting on mittens!  My next pair have pom-poms.  That is all I”m telling you now!

In the meantime, would you like to see some pictures?  Okay!

The hat is knit based on a friend’s ‘pattern’.  I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you what it is.  Get a pen, I’ll wait…  ….  ….. Okay?
Cast on 41 stitches (39 if you happen to have a needle to work in the round at the gauge you’re knitting) with super bulky yarn.  I used Lana Grande.  I’ve seen people use Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick&Quick.  Knit in 2×1 ribbing (kkp) for a few (four or five) rounds. Knit flat until it’s the right size for your head and then three needle bind off.  Voila!  On mine, I wanted the kitten ears more pronounced because hey, if you’re going to have a kitten hat, go all the way!  So I tacked the ears to ensure they were kitten-y at all times. Please ensure you ignore the hideousness of the picture and the fact that the brim looks funny because my foam head is too small!

The mittens were sort of a zombie mixture of my own pattern and an existing Knitty Pattern.  I wanted them to be knit flat and folded over and Glenda and I worked out that they should have a curved flap.  I love that they’re doubled and I tacked down both the inside and the outside of the flap.  They’re pretty awesome and I like to make kitty claws and paw at people with them on!  I’m sure I’ll demonstrate were I to ever see you in person!  Made out of a little less than one ball of Rowan Kid Classic.  Love love LOVE that yarn!  There’s a matching hat on it’s way too….


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