Blocking… not just for lace

I embarked on a new knitting journey last night.  I’d had my eye on these mitts for a while now and finally just jumped right in.  These are my first colorwork project (besides striped hats) and I have to say, it was somewhat enjoyable.  To be fair, there are only 11 rows of colorwork, but it was a good sized chunk for a newbie like me.

I really liked them when they came off the needles and I was wearing the one around all night last night.  Then I looked at the rest of the projects on Ravelry and realized that blocking would do wonders!  So I blocked the right mitt while I was knitting the left mitt.  I have pretty even tension, so I wasn’t sure it would even make a difference… 

See for yourself!

Project Details:
Debbie Bliss Cashmerion Aran
Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Flash Dance
Knit on US6 needles.
Details on Mods HERE (Rav Link)



4 thoughts on “Blocking… not just for lace

  1. Its amazing how effective blocking colourwork can be. I just hope they still fit you afterwards! :)If you're doing a wide section of colourwork, it can also help to move up a needle size – even 1/4mm or 1/2mm can be enough. This counteracts the pulling-in nature of the stranding… also, I find it helps to work the piece inside-out – then you're strands can't get too tight even if they wanted to! πŸ™‚

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