Enough? (Duplicate post)

I have just spent a week worrying about what items to bring to work on in the car and in the hotel for our trip… I think I finally have it figured out
Yarn and sweater in progress
Fingerless mitts that I cast on last night
Round silk scarf that is cast on
Yarn to make replacement pair of mittens cause I lost one
Yarn to make another pair of mittens and maybe a hat (in two colors)
Yarn to make yet another pair of mittens or maybe just a hat
33 pairs of circular knitting needles of varying lengths and sizes (not including the three pairs in the knitting in progress
11 crochet hooks of varying sizes
Around a dozen sets of dpn needles in varying sizes
Sewing kit with eight darning/sewing needles, two dozen stitch markers and other paraphanalia

I’m worried…. is that enough?  Well, I guess if it isn’t, I can always pick up more yarn in San Fran. ;)


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