I’m sorry Karma!

Well, I think Karma is teaching me a lesson… Yesterday my dad called from Tumbler Ridge where it is currently -28 and with the wind chill, feels like -41 (For my American friends, that translates to -18, with the wind chill feels like -36).  He was calling, hoping to mock me a little bit for the ‘blizzard’ that we were currently having.  Being a smartass myself, I laughed at him and told him that it was GORGEOUS out yesterday!  Blue skies, puffy white clouds and the sun glinting on the fresh snow in the distant mountains made it almost perfect.  I gloated and gloated… and this morning I woke up and it’s -7 (18F) and snowing… and snowing and snowing.  It is so cold in fact (relatively speaking, since I’ve lived here more than ten years and it’s never really gotten too cold) that I wore an alpaca hat this morning.  I knit this hat ages ago and never wore it because it’s bulky alpaca… just a bit warm for a place where it MAYBE reaches 0 (32F).  Well it certainly wasn’t too warm to wear it today!
How do you apologize to Karma for being cheeky?

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