Pilot Project

The other day I made a Smash Book page dedicated to me.  I figured that I made one for my sister, Sam and Kathleen and wrote lovely things about them, put pictures and stickers and sayings about what they meant to me… and I thought I deserved one for me.  I called it Love Letter 2 Me and I wrote lovely things about myself, what I like about myself and my strengths and offerings in the world.  I sent it to Kathleen and she texted me back with a beautiful text message longer than my iphone screen that said such wonderful things about me.  It was totally unexpected but really amazing to read.
In discussing the message, we came up with sort of plan, based on a memory Kathleen had from college.  Basically you would give a number of your closest friends and relatives an index card and ask them to write something about you.  In Kathleen’s case the respondees wrote the unique qualities about her.  In my case, I wouldn’t care what someone wrote…as long as it was kind and uplifting.  My unique qualities, the characteristics about me that they like the most, a favorite memory of me or us together…
And don’t think this is selfish undertaking.  I think that everyone that wants to have it done for them needs to ensure that they’re willing to do it for others.  So if I give you a card to fill out about me, I’d fill one out about you.  If you give someone a card to fill out about you, you have to be willing to fill one out for everyone that returns it to you.
I should think that your family and close friends (whether you’ve ever met them in person or not) would be the ideal candidates.
What do you think?  Would you be interested in being involved in this?  Not necessarily with me, but with your own group of friends and family?  I’d like to judge response and then I would like to host a monthly sharing time on this blog for people to share how it touched them and how they’ve touched others.

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