Couldn’t have planned it better myself!

Well, to be fair, I did partially plan this weekend, but it was even better than I was expecting!

Friday afternoon Sam and I went to get the fluffballs on the tops of our heads tamed… I HAVE GOT to start putting advance appointments in my calendar so my hair stays as dang good looking as it is now… the man is a genius!
After hair we met up with a long time friend of Sam’s from back in Saskatchewan and had dinner at Locus.  Since we’re both going grain and dairy free starting tomorrow, we were sort of living it up this weekend.  I had a grilled cheese with carmalized onions on marble rye and a ceaser.  So good!

After I dropped them off downtown to go clubbing (P’cess doesn’t ‘club’), I went home and got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to clean the house, make the pillows, prep dinner and then head down to Glenda’s work to go yarn shopping (who can resist a sale!).

On Saturday night, Kathleen came over for dinner (recipe to follow) and then Sam and his friend Matt came over to visit and have a beer.  We had a great time.  It’s been a LONG time since I opened the door to my home for someone I didn’t know… it was kind of an anxious moment but Kathleen helped me tidy up dinner and ease my mind.  As much as I’ve come a long way in the last ten months, I’m still very insular and my inner circle is tight and I don’t like letting people into it.  The funny thing was, Matt sort of just ‘fit’… he’s very nice, considerate, funny and not at all assuming, so it was very comfortable.  Score one for me!  I met new people this weekend AND one of them came over to the house.

The only down side of Saturday night was Sunday morning… Since I drank the better (and I mean BETTER) part of two bottles of wine and a beer (lol, I typed bear… I did not drink a bear!), Sunday morning spent a goodly amount of time trying to kill me.  Kathleen was up and out of the house for her class at 9 and I was very ambitious… I got in the shower, styled my new do, applied makeup and then started waiting around for our brunch date… By 10:05, I had accidentally climbed back into bed (fully clothed) and started moaning about my poor aching head.  Sam called and said brunch was delayed and that he’d wake me up when it was time to go… 
By 12:30 when he called I was seriously tempted to throw the phone against the wall and go back to sleep, but I’m more (not much ) mature than that so I hauled out of bed and went for brunch.

Brunch, errands, cooking and cleaning later, I went for a nap in the afternoon and I’ve been hanging out on the sofa with my new (very favorite) knitting project… 

I feel like I really squeezed as much fun as I could handle out of this weekend.  It was great seeing both my very closest friends and meeting a new one… napping, cooking, good food and laughs. What more can you ask for?  Besides an Advil… or three…

Local time is 9:25am

So far this morning I’ve done two sinks of dishes, cleaned the kitchen, tidied the clutter, stripped the bed, gathered the laundry and made four new toss cushions for my bed.

Yep.. I sure know how to take it easy!  Yep!


Talk about a rude awakening!

As you know by now, I really have a thing for my bed… I spend more time thinking about how I can make it even BETTER than is really reasonable.  Don’t judge me, we all have our ‘things’.  Anyway, I came up with a plan about a month ago to pretty-ify my bed even more than it is all the while making it even MORE cozy.. as if that were possible.
In order to trial this plan without spending money first, I stole the wool/feather pillows off the couch to use as the ‘bolster cushions’ along the back of my headboard.  Mission success!  So I went out and bought some beautiful wool fabric, feather cushion inserts, cut out the pieces and then it sat for a while…
Well last night at 2am my plan sort of fell apart… Since the pillows are loose and there are five of them across the bed… they aren’t exactly secure… I move around and then they move around… and they knock my stainless steel water bottle into my glass lamp… my bottle richochets off the lamp and falls off the nightstand… CLANGING off the metal bedframe and smacking the cat bowl, scattering food all over the bedroom… obviously this scared the living daylights out of me since I was ASLEEP at the time…
It was difficult to go back to sleep because it seems that my plan to comfy-ify and beautify my bed might actually scare-ify my bed too much for me to handle…
In other news:
I may be in slight trouble at work for throwing Pineapple Bob at one of our directors
I got a promotion… but that was prior to the Pineapple Bob incident…
I’m getting my shaggy mop of hair cut tonight… Since I threatened to cut my own hair only to be admonished, I’ve decided to show up at the stylist’s wearing my shower cap.
I’ve gone back to list making… it’s making me less crazy and more functional… it’s amazing what getting back to things that work does for you!
I just wore my shower cap through the office… because it was very very funny….
This weekend is going to be nice and relaxing… and will contain a grocery trip to start my cleanse… more on that later.


So I was listening to the radio this morning and the same old, too often gone over arguement was being argued AGAIN!  Dating in Vancouver is hard.  Should we blame that on the snotty too good for you, gold digger women, or the living in my parents basement, don’t know what a ‘good date’ even is men.
This argument infuriates me… mostly because the two phrases ‘All Vancouver Women’ and ‘All Vancouver Men’ are used.
If you’ve ever read the papers here or even live here, or know where Vancouver is on a map, perhaps you’ve heard that the dating scene is terrible, with each side blaming the other for the lack of romance.
In this arguement, the location is any downtown bar on a Friday or Saturday night.  The men say they want someone ‘hot, sexy, young, pretty, funny and ‘not fat’.  They want someone that can ‘dress up and dress down’.  Enjoy a night on the town and also be comfortable in sweats.  Someone that works out and is fit but is not obsessed with their bodies.  Someone that takes care of themselves but is not high maintenance. Someone intelligent but not too serious…  What they REALLY want is a girl-next-door-perfect-10.  I’m not saying this is an impossible ask, but writing down your ‘dream girl’ based on Penthouse magazine’s latest issue is probably not that realistic.
The women say that they want a tall, attractive, man with a good sense of humor.  And these women that the ‘unfussy’ men above are meeting?  What they REALLY want is money, cars, money and money.  According to the men.
So. The arguement persists… All Vancouver women are money hungry gold diggers and all Vancouver men are undateable boars.
But wait…. that can’t possibly be the end of the story.
I’m going to use myself as an example here because I consider myself pretty average and in sheer contrast to the bar going women mentioned above.
I’m a Vancouver woman.  I’ve lived and worked here for over 10 years, so even tho I’m a ‘transplant’ as a former blog reader was so eloquent to point out (and by eloquent, I mean rude), I consider myself fully aclimatized to the culture here.
I have a good job with a pension and benefits and I go there five days a week for around 8 or so hours a day.
I’ve been told I’m very funny and even approached in a coffee shop only to hear that I have ‘the best laugh’.
I rent my own apartment, drive my own car and have a small handful of very close friends.
I’m a pretty casual person… I wear jeans to work and the Vancouver uniform of lululemon almost the entire rest of the time.
I’d rather eat in with a bottle of wine and good company than go to the bar… so loud and expensive… and SHALLOW (more on this in a minute)
I enjoy my alone time and the company of friends and family to an almost equal division.
I’m not clingy or needy or whiney
And I think with all the above, I’d refer to myself as more the average Vancouver woman than the women mentioned above.
And I know there are Vancouver men the same.
Vancouver men who have good jobs.
Vancouver men who rent or own their own place
Vancouver men who are easy going and kind hearted
Vancouver men who stay as far away from the bar scene as I do… for the same reasons.
Vancouver men who really do want a woman that’s funny, self sufficient, fun and… for lack of a better word… normal.  Just a normal girl they can relate to.
So why are these men and women that are so bitterly engaged in the battle of who’s ‘fault’ the Vancouver dating scene not finding love?
Because you’re looking for it at an alcohol flooded, shallow, hookup spot.  The men are fuelled by alcohol and testosterone and they neglect to see that the women that are there, also fuelled by alcohol are clearly high maintenance.  I’m going to generalize, and I do believe that there are ‘normal’ people that go to bars… but I KNOW that there are women there in their stilletos and mini skirts, done up to the nines that are looking for ‘love’… and there are men there pretending to want an ‘average’ girl but never in their lives willing to settle for someone 10 lbs overweight.
I kind of wish that there was some sort of ‘marking’ system… for both the men and the women… and those ‘undateable’ men and women could spot eachother and continue the never ending battle for finding the ‘perfect’ guy or girl (which doesn’t exist) and the rest of us normal folks would be out of their picture.
Because I believe in any city, there are ‘undateable’ people.  I think the people that are bitching the loudest are the ones that are alos being bitched about the loudest and they all deserve eachother.