Talk about a rude awakening!

As you know by now, I really have a thing for my bed… I spend more time thinking about how I can make it even BETTER than is really reasonable.  Don’t judge me, we all have our ‘things’.  Anyway, I came up with a plan about a month ago to pretty-ify my bed even more than it is all the while making it even MORE cozy.. as if that were possible.
In order to trial this plan without spending money first, I stole the wool/feather pillows off the couch to use as the ‘bolster cushions’ along the back of my headboard.  Mission success!  So I went out and bought some beautiful wool fabric, feather cushion inserts, cut out the pieces and then it sat for a while…
Well last night at 2am my plan sort of fell apart… Since the pillows are loose and there are five of them across the bed… they aren’t exactly secure… I move around and then they move around… and they knock my stainless steel water bottle into my glass lamp… my bottle richochets off the lamp and falls off the nightstand… CLANGING off the metal bedframe and smacking the cat bowl, scattering food all over the bedroom… obviously this scared the living daylights out of me since I was ASLEEP at the time…
It was difficult to go back to sleep because it seems that my plan to comfy-ify and beautify my bed might actually scare-ify my bed too much for me to handle…
In other news:
I may be in slight trouble at work for throwing Pineapple Bob at one of our directors
I got a promotion… but that was prior to the Pineapple Bob incident…
I’m getting my shaggy mop of hair cut tonight… Since I threatened to cut my own hair only to be admonished, I’ve decided to show up at the stylist’s wearing my shower cap.
I’ve gone back to list making… it’s making me less crazy and more functional… it’s amazing what getting back to things that work does for you!
I just wore my shower cap through the office… because it was very very funny….
This weekend is going to be nice and relaxing… and will contain a grocery trip to start my cleanse… more on that later.

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