Some things are just ugly…

I’ve been working on this project off and on for a while now… It’s knitting in the round, so it’s not exactly difficult.  I had this beautiful 70% silk/30% wool yarn and all I could think was ‘It wants to be a scarf’.  Not only did it want to be a scarf, but I thought it wanted to be a nice stockinette infinity scarf and it didn’t want garter around the edges.  So knitting in the round… yup!  I can work on it with my eyes closed… chatting… perfect take anywhere project and the yarn was a pleasure to knit with… Until…
Until I realized after about 12-14″ that it was ugly… like UGLY!  So I started polling people to see what they thought… and by people, I mean I asked Sam.  He said it wasn’t ugly and to keep going on it… altho he also just mentioned last night that he has no taste and that he wants a sweater with a cat ear hoodie and claw mittens, so his advice should have been taken with a grain of salt.. anyway, I asked the question, he said it wasn’t ugly so I kept going.  I started to think that maybe I should ask a fellow knitter…
I was hoping she’d say that it wasn’t ugly and that I should just keep going…  I mean, I put a reasonable amount of work into it and no one likes to think they’re working to make something ugly… in the back of my mind I knew it was ugly… apparently, according to my fellow knitter, it was ‘Not the prettiest thing’ she’d ever seen… Friend speak for ‘yes, it’s ugly but I don’t want to hurt your feelings’.
So last night while my sweater was soaking (yes, it’s finished… but don’t get excited yet… it’s not ready for public viewing!) I decided to bite the bullet while I was feeling mature and rip it out…
I think karma was getting back at me for something because I had ripped it and was rewinding the ball when it went FLYING off the ball winder about 10 yards from the end… the middle fell out of the ball and bounced happily across the floor…
In the glow of my sweater finishing glee tho, I wouldn’t let 500 yards of silk get the better of me and in the end I won! 
Also, go visit my sister and give her a hug today… the reason is at the end of this post


4 thoughts on “Some things are just ugly…

  1. If I'm the friend you're talking about, I swear I meant it in the best possible way… you said yourself that you'd probably never wear it, so why put all that effort into knitting it? 🙂

  2. You are… I forgot to link you ;)I know… I didn't mean you said it meanly… it was true and honest… and now it's a ball of wool/silk that will soon become a honey cowl…

  3. Buggar all you unwound it!!! I love it! I think that perhaps it's not something you would wear, but I don't think it's ugly. To me it's kind of hippie-ish which I love!

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