Good Monday Morning!

I was told today at 7:45 that I seemed like I was in an awfully good mood… I told the guy that said it that no one had given me bad news yet today so I was holding on to my positive energy for as long as I could… It’s now 10:45 and still no bad news…  (work related bad news has already seeped in to my day and ruined it by 8am almost every day)
This weekend was quite fun… also quite restful.  I think I’m coming down with something or fighting something off because I slept a LOT this weekend.
On Friday Sam and I usually have Friday night dinner, but he was and I quote ‘dead busy’ doing school work and I was so tired my eyes were watering at 3pm, so we cancelled dinner.  I went home with the intention of having a short (operative word was short) nap and then off to do some errands… At 10pm I woke up to send a quick text to Glenda to find out when we were meeting the next morning and then fell back asleep. With all the lights on… weird!
On Saturday morning we got together for a nice breakfast at Roots Cafe and then we made the epic trek out to Abbotsford to check out Fibres West.  It was bigger than last year.. all of our favorites were still there, plus some new vendors.
It was a lot of fun and we both got some goodies… I found a button for my new sweater…it’s cherry and walnut and handcrafted by a man on Vancouver Island.  He himself actually helped me pick out the perfect button for my sweater. 
All in all, my sweater cost me $23 in yarn and $6 for a button.  The pattern was free.  I’d say that’s a pretty good deal, wouldn’t you?
I also bought some AMAZING alpaca for my next sweater… it’s going to cost substantially more than $29 from start to finish, but I don’t care… The yarn is a gorgeous gray and brown natural mix and soft as a cloud!   
The only problem with this yarn is that it’s not the right guage for the sweater I’m making so apparently I’ll have to do some math… I did a guage swatch tho… I’m told that should help…
The last thing I bought was some vintage rayon seam binding to use to try and fix my Cedar Trees scarf that just won’t lay flat…
After we left the festival (with a quick stop at the vending machine for Cheezies (My sweet American Friends… you should do whatever you can to convince your Canadian friends to send these to you!), we headed out on our own little Yarn Crawl… not often either of us get out to the Valley, so we decided to make it worth our while…
We stopped at one yarn store where we learned all the things that we’re not crazy about in yarn stores… and we didn’t buy a thing… the whole trip there was summed up for me by the sight of a staff member spending inordinate amounts of time untangling a ball of pastel blue fun fur… My personal thought on it was ‘I wouldn’t pay you to stand there and do that… throw it out!…
This store had samples that were knit 7-8 years ago (the woman actually told us this!), white wire shelving and  a really loud, sort of manic vibe.
After that we went to a gorgeous store in Port Moody.  It’s everything that a yarn store should be.  Very friendly creative staff, samples straight off the needles of gorgeous and currently popular items and a lovely set up with beautiful wood shelves and interesting manequins and display items. It was a pleasure to just be in the store, looking, touching, chatting…
I bought buttons… shocking, I know!
Finally we headed back into town and stopped at one last store on Hastings.  It’s quite a different vibe… very young and hip and trendy with friendly, very easy going staff.  They had samples of garments that were designed by their employees and great display shelving and unique packaging of fibre.
That was the end of Saturday and Sunday was spent in my jammies… then I had a shower and changed into fresh jammies… Exciting ya?
No big plans for this week… work is kind of crazy and now I have sweater worth of yarn to knit with… Waahooo!

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