‘Did you just call me a Dumbass??’ – or ‘Why are you taking pictures of my building?’

Today I escaped.  I left everything that needs doing at home and ran away… into the glorious morning sun… sun I might add that we have not had in about 5 weeks… Sun which will not be here tomorrow… 

I got up early, gathered my laundry and my wits and headed out into the world to have coffee with my mom… it was partly a selfish endeavor because I wanted to offload the two boxes of garage sale items I pulled out of my house yesterday.

We had a lovely coffee and a small unlovely altercation with a real bitch ass woman in starbucks that I really SUPER wanted to punch in the face… I don’t think I’d enjoy jail and I haven’t much spare time for court dates so I called her a bitch and we left… Actually after I told my mom what she muttered to me under her breath, I had to drag her by the arm out the door because SHE was going to go punch the lady in the face (oh, I use the term ‘lady’ very loosely!).

Anyway, after that I called up Sam and headed over to his house.  I wasn’t planning on spending the day doing nothing… I have a big fat list that needs tending to but we were having a lovely day so we just kept on keeping on.  

We went to our fave sushi restaurant and then decided to head down to the beach under the premise of taking pictures in order to a: lure our friend out here from Alberta and b: make everyone we know that doesn’t live here jealous… 

It was gorgeous and we went for a nice walk and took some pictures… and then, Sam played the game he likes to play the most which is jamming his wide angle lens less than an inch from my face and rapid snapping pictures.  Since I know that these are the worlds UGLIEST pictures, I usually run away but I was sitting on a log… so I started screeching ‘nononononoooo’ really loud by accident and he told me later that he saw a couple whip around thinking he was attacking me… whoops!

After the beach we went to have Peanut Butter Cheesecake because I felt like I deserved a treat for getting through the last seven days.  It was goooood!  

Then we tried to put the cherry on the cake of the day (which was super awesome) and go down to the BCSPCA to snuggle kitties and look at puppies but we were late by 18 min… Sam blamed the cake.

After that I got home, cleaned out the fridge, took a nap and now I’m going to head back to bed… if I can stop sneezing… I’m a walking achoo and I’ve sneezed so hard so many times in a row that I’ve hurt my back.

Here’s those pictures to make you jealous!



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