You can’t make mEEEEEE (or how I saved $90!)

 You’d think that I would have taken the four glorious days that I had off from work and done something… anything towards my move.  You’d think that… yes you would.  Did I?  Barely… and I mean BARELY!
Thursday night Sam and Kathleen and I went for a salon appointment (which went on until 10pm) and then went to a favorite hole in the wall spot (it used to be just Kathleen’s favorite but now it’s a communal favorite!) and had Okonomyaki.  It’s sometimes referred to as ‘Japanese Pancake’.  For a warm, saucy, smushy food lover such as myself, it was beyond fabulous!  I want to go there right now!
After that, Sam went to his home and Kathleen and I went to mine and before I’d even given the kitty his treats and said hello, Kathleen had launched herself into bed… which was fine by me because I was so tired and out of it that I fell asleep on the sofa at the hair dresser!
Just when we were on the cusp of falling asleep, Kathleen started inquiring about my storage locker and whether we could rearrange and ammalgamate some boxes in order to make ‘less’ and therefore get rid of my storage locker completely.  I have to say, I wasn’t really into the idea and I really didn’t want to fart around with the storage, but after we went to Ikea and picked up some awesome deals on Friday for my new place, the mission was set and off we went to thin out the herd in the locker.  As it turned out, Kathleen was right, and we managed to donate enough stuff and reorg enough stuff into boxes together that I will be able to completely get rid of the storage locker when I move!  That’s $90 a month!  I’m not too proud to say I was wrong and I’m very thankful to my very smart friend!
Saturday was a lovely day spent with my family and then very late at night with my friend.  Once Easter dinner had been had and I was on my way back home, Sam called and wanted me to come and get him and take him to get Easter candy, so at 11:30 at night we were fooling around in the Easter Candy aisle of the local 24hr drugstore. While at dinner, I took a few minutes and applied some stain to some old chairs I found a million years ago… I bought them from an antique store in town for $20 for the pair and my G’pa sanded them down about three years ago… finally I’ll have a place to put them, so I snuck away to stain them and then my lovely sister and her man brought them home for me (to their home) and will deliver them to me in two weeks.
On Sunday I went and met another friend and we went to the art supply store and then to her studio for some art fun.  We’d been planning it for a while and I’m very happy with how my project is turning out so far!  It’s for my new apartment and it’s pretty neat… This picture is just of the base of it so far… it needs it’s ‘art’ and then it’s epoxy top… this same friend is an actual artist and while I was making my project, she was cleaning her studio and I got ‘hired’ to be her art storage depot… as in, I have so many walls now with no art to hang on them, so I’m going to help her out by hanging her art in my house… it’s a perfect match… I have a love affair with her art and she needs somewhere to store it.
 Speaking of art, I’ve come up with the paint color scheme for the new apartment also…
What do you think?
Yesterday was a rather lazy day which consisted of sleeping in until 11, being picked up to go on errands, going back home, napping and then having a special cupcake delivery at 11 last night.  We also got to see a house being torn down… how very destructive!
I feel like I need a holiday from my short holiday and also to actually DOOOO something toward moving…

2 thoughts on “You can’t make mEEEEEE (or how I saved $90!)

  1. Start small, by collecting the boxes that you will eventually pack. In Ottawa we used to raid the liquor store – for a small donation, you could take as many as you needed.Or be more green, and organize to have those plastic ones delivered… Frogbox is the main one I know of, but there are other companies that do it too.

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