You ate WHAT for dinner?

I have some of my best ideas when I’m compromised… as in, wouldn’t it be fun to play with a staple gun after I had two (or three-ish) drinks and mini eggs for dinner last night…
Now, before you get all bent out of shape, the thing I did was related to the move and before I did that, I packed another box full of stuff, so technically… wait… why am I making excuses to you??  I can do whatever I want!
So last night after work I went and got my tattoo touched up.  Man alive, it hurt worse than the first time and let me tell you, when you accidentally whack a new tattoo with a hard sharp piece of plastic, it does NOT feel good!  After my dinner of champions, I decided to turn the tv off (because I was too drunk to decide on something else to watch and what I was watching was creeping me out) and do something toward the move.  So I packed the dvd’s and found more video games that are being donated to a charity.  I started looking around for something else to pack and had one of those ‘OMG, I have to pack everything… its too overwhelming so I’ll pack nothing’ moments and decided to reupholster my dining chairs instead.  If you recall from a previous post on the weekend, I stained the chair bodies and they’re sitting at my sister’s house waiting for next Saturday’s delivery day. (These are the same chairs that I realized the day AFTER garbage day that I’d ‘purged’ the screws that attach the seat to the frame…)
Years ago when I found the chairs and had very ambitious plans to recover them immediately (and before I took up knitting and the yarn ate up every spare space in the house, not to mention that I also lived with a hoarder) I went to see my friend Roger who has a drapery workroom.  He has oodles of remnants of some pretty gorgeous fabric and as his ‘adopted project/daughter’, I’m pretty spoiled and I got my choice for the chairs.  I happened to pick out a fabric that retails for well over $100/yard… it’s gorgeous tho… cut chenile and satin… taupe and dark charcoal…. divine!
So last night, in my pretty sloshed state I decided to recover the cushions so they’ll be ready to attach to the chairs.
I was very impressed with how straight and even and tight that I got everything… the only problem is that the staples I have are only long enough to go through two layers of the fabric (which itself is pretty thick upholstery fabric) and at the front of the seat is an overhang, which ends up having about four or five layers of the fabric… so I need to go and get some upholstery tacks to finish that little part.
Here’s a before and after…(please excuse the bag of garbage in the background!)
This weekend I’m going to pack and clean and hopefully get in to the studio with Sharon to work on my art project.  I should also probably go to the pet store and get the stuff for Mr. Fluffypants and buy some paint… So much to do… so little time to do it in… a smart person would suggest not getting drunk on a weekday so that more stuff gets done…

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