The packing continues… I’ve now put green tape on every kitchen cupboard that has been emptied… that’s 12 of them…
I made two boxes of kitchen items I no longer want… old dishes, drinkware etc… I was going to take these to Value Village, but from what I understand, Value Village supports Salvation Army and if there’s one ‘charity’ that I refuse to support in any fashion, it’s Salvation Army.  Not. Ever!
I also have two bags full of toiletries and perfumes that I no longer wear and there’s a foundation here in Vancouver called WISH.  It’s for self identified female survival sex workers.  Basically women who see/have no other way to make a ‘living’.  They provide health care, shelters, education and a safe place for these women to turn.  So I looked on their website and they also take (besides the toiletries that I have been collecting specifically for them) clothing, towels, bedding, shoes… so I emailed them and asked them if they also wanted these donated dishes… if they provide food and shelter, then perhaps they may need these items… I also asked if they wanted books… I’ve taken a bucketload of books over to my mom’s for our garage sale but whatever doesn’t sell is going to be donated to WISH.
If you live in Vancouver (or the Vancouver area) and would like to donate to WISH, I would be very happy to help facilitate that.  Their ‘WISH List’ is here.
So… with all the charity stuff spoken for, it turns out I’m doing pretty well on my packing… I have to stop at this point tho because there’s no more room to put boxes in such a way that it doesn’t freak the cat out… or squish him…also, the contact dermatitis only likes it if I pack every second day or so… and my allergies agree…packing sure kicks up a lot of dust…
It turns out that I probably won’t get a chance to paint in the apartment before I move in… money is tight… I think the cat would rather have his litter box and litter and I would rather have laundry detergent than have painted walls…we’ll see tho… I have some of the paint, so I can probably get some of it done…
Not much else to report… but as soon as I get in there, I’ll take some pictures…

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