Public Service Announcement

So last night I did my couple of cleaning/purging items that I had pre-chosen during the day.  The junk drawer, the cabinet under the junk drawer and my tool/paint cabinet.
As I was saying to my mom last night, it’s a far bit different cleaning to move than it is cleaning just to tidy up.  Things that over the last 11 years I have picked up out of that junk drawer and then put back are too  many to count… Maybe it’s that the those times I wasn’t ready to let items go, or maybe it’s because your thought process for cleaning when it comes to moving is less emotional and more practical.  It’s no secret that I’m an incredibly emotional person… Case in point, GreenMonkey.
I found GreenMonkey hidden in the top of the lockers that I sold on Sunday.  I won him playing boardwalk games in Disneyland… I was all by myself for an hour or so and decided to fool around… and I won GreenMonkey.  He has velcro on his hands, so I attached him around my carrypack and took him on all the rides with me for the rest of the trip.  He got flung into the back of the lockers at some point and I forgot all about him.  Until Sunday when I put him in with the garage sale stuff and carted him off to my mom’s.  Only when we were going through the boxes so I could show her what I brought, I decided I didn’t want to let him go so I stuffed him down the front of my shirt… and then took him out and flung him in the box… and then removed him from the box… and then handed him to my mom… and then ripped him out of her hands in the same second…
I realized in that instant that I had come to the end of my ability to cope with so much change and decided that GreenMonkey could hang out with me in my car until I felt a bit better.  Two friends have been in the car since and interacted with GreenMonkey… my explaination that he’s only there temporarily and ‘helping’ me get through this change was well received… until I suggested yesterday that I knit him a sweater…
Anyway, that’s my point… I’m emotionally driven and attach value to things that others may not… It’s a damn wonder that I”m not a redzone hoarder!
In the midst of all of this change, I stumbled across a post on my favorite website asking for people to sign up for OneMatch, which is the former ‘Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Registery (UBMDR).  I used to donate blood all the time and then I became severely anemic and I tried a couple times but was turned down.  The OneMatch registery is very easy to sign up for… You fill out a questionairre online and then if you’re eligible, they send you a mouth swab kit and you swab, send it back and done… then you just wait for the call (if you ever get one) stating that you’re a match.
I would encourage everyone I know to sign up for this… bone marrow surgery (which is only one of the ways they get stem cells) is a reasonably uncomfortable endeavor (take a couple days off work and a few advil) but dying because you can’t find a match would be worse… seeing your family member suffer or die because of some one chose not to do something as simple as register is unimaginable!
For Canadians, you want to go to
For Americans, you want to go to
For the UK, you want to go to
For anywhere else, if you are having trouble finding your registry, let me know and I will help you.
Please.  One simple act could save a life.  As Canadian Blood Services says: ‘It’s in you to give’.

I’m out…

I’m out of mustard, margarine, ketchup and rice.
Fear not, for I didn’t actually eat all of those things together… sort of.
The less food stuffs that I have to pack, the better.
I also thinned my book collection and my cook book collection.  In total, I’m donating 21 books and 31 cookbooks to the garage sale, along with a starbucks bag full of other stuff.
I found my Nintendo DS (with two chargers… lol.. that means that the one the ex took can’t charge!) and my brand spanking new, never used PSP with a few games and I’m donating that to a women’s shelter.  Apparently they need things that the kids of these women can do and all the devices are doing at my house is collecting dust.
Tonight I’m cleaning my bathroom and hopefully going through the tool cupboard and the paint cupboard.  I want to see if there’s enough of any color in the paint cupboard to use in the new place.  I’m thinking that I might paint at least one wall in the bathroom the tiffany blue/teal color that I put in my living room last year.  I KNOW there’s enough of that left…
Anyway, the battle rages on to clean and purge without disrupting the kitty…

‘Did you just call me a Dumbass??’ – or ‘Why are you taking pictures of my building?’

Today I escaped.  I left everything that needs doing at home and ran away… into the glorious morning sun… sun I might add that we have not had in about 5 weeks… Sun which will not be here tomorrow… 

I got up early, gathered my laundry and my wits and headed out into the world to have coffee with my mom… it was partly a selfish endeavor because I wanted to offload the two boxes of garage sale items I pulled out of my house yesterday.

We had a lovely coffee and a small unlovely altercation with a real bitch ass woman in starbucks that I really SUPER wanted to punch in the face… I don’t think I’d enjoy jail and I haven’t much spare time for court dates so I called her a bitch and we left… Actually after I told my mom what she muttered to me under her breath, I had to drag her by the arm out the door because SHE was going to go punch the lady in the face (oh, I use the term ‘lady’ very loosely!).

Anyway, after that I called up Sam and headed over to his house.  I wasn’t planning on spending the day doing nothing… I have a big fat list that needs tending to but we were having a lovely day so we just kept on keeping on.  

We went to our fave sushi restaurant and then decided to head down to the beach under the premise of taking pictures in order to a: lure our friend out here from Alberta and b: make everyone we know that doesn’t live here jealous… 

It was gorgeous and we went for a nice walk and took some pictures… and then, Sam played the game he likes to play the most which is jamming his wide angle lens less than an inch from my face and rapid snapping pictures.  Since I know that these are the worlds UGLIEST pictures, I usually run away but I was sitting on a log… so I started screeching ‘nononononoooo’ really loud by accident and he told me later that he saw a couple whip around thinking he was attacking me… whoops!

After the beach we went to have Peanut Butter Cheesecake because I felt like I deserved a treat for getting through the last seven days.  It was goooood!  

Then we tried to put the cherry on the cake of the day (which was super awesome) and go down to the BCSPCA to snuggle kitties and look at puppies but we were late by 18 min… Sam blamed the cake.

After that I got home, cleaned out the fridge, took a nap and now I’m going to head back to bed… if I can stop sneezing… I’m a walking achoo and I’ve sneezed so hard so many times in a row that I’ve hurt my back.

Here’s those pictures to make you jealous!


You’re VERY strong!

That’s what the guy that came to pick up some of my stuff said.  This afternoon I put a bunch of stuff on Craigslist for sale/free.  One of the things was my set of lockers.  I helped heave them up the stairs and then through the yard in the rain… Apparently I’m VERY strong… yes… that is true… in more ways than one!

Amazing what you find you can push yourself to when you don’t really have a choice.  I mean, I have a choice to throw myself under my blankies and hope for the best, but that’s not really reasonable.  When I broke up with Pat, I had a new storage locker, plans and had already wanted to start packing his stuff out within the first week.  No different now, only I’m the master of my own destiny.
I made $60 today and I got rid of all my outdoor stuff (the guy came for the free garden stuff and bought my bbq and patio chairs and took EVERYTHING…. even stuff I would consider garbage… yup!  It was awesome.  And then the guy came to take my lockers and that’s the end of stuff I want to sell… or so I thought.

While I was waiting around for these guys to show up, I started cleaning out a cabinet… and then a drawer… and then another cabinet… and I now have two boxes overflowing of items to go to my mom’s for her garage sale.  And good stuff too… lots of stuff that will be suggested to go for free (like my collection of brand new, unsharpened novelty pencils).  But also some good quality stuff… winter clothes, hats, wallet, fitness stuff, camping stuff (don’t get all excited Kathleen, it’s just two cheapo plastic ‘lanterns’… I never camped without you!)

It’s INSANE how ruthless I am with stuff… 

RUTHLESS!  And strong! 😉