Back… in the new digs

Hello Beautiful People!

So sorry it took me so long to get back here, but moving is TOUGH!  Also tough is typing on my computer as this desk wobbles… may need to do a bit more ‘leveling’.

The move went super well.  My gorgeous and long time bestee came over on the morning before the move and we power packed everything that was left…it would have been a NIGHTMARE if I hadn’t packed about 85% of it before hand… what was I thinking!  Anyway, we got it all done, found ourselves wine and dinner and then toasted the ol’ place good bye.  Perhaps it would have been smarter to NOT drink two bottles of wine when the movers were showing up at 8am, but we did… so we dragged our hungover selves over to the coffee shop for sustenance and major caffeine and then headed back to get started.  

the move itself went very smoothly, altho it took about twice as long as I thought it would because of all the stairs… I would have paid ten times what I did to not have to do it myself tho… 

On Friday night, bestee was still here and my mom came over to help unpack and by the time they left on Friday afternoon, there were only two boxes left to unpack… 

On Saturday I went and picked up Charlie Fluffypants from the cat hotel and brought him home.  He’s been doing amazingly well.  He was very brave and curious the first day and he’s figured out the litterbox and sleeps in bed with me every night… he definitely would make a run for it if I let him but I’m thinking that will go away soon… he’s only been home four days… but he’s not crying and he naps and plays and gets lots and lots of cuddles… 

All in all, it was a very long and tiring month of April and especially the end of it, but I’m in an amazing new home now with so much daylight all the time that it’s 9pm and I haven’t yet had to turn any lights on… in the morning I can do my hair and makeup by only the light coming through the window… magnificent!

Time to level the legs of this table before it falls on me!


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