I have a fever… and a runny nose… and I can’t stop sweating… and my head is pounding in a ‘being hit in the head with an axe’ sort of way… If I didn’t have a meeting at 1pm today and it wasn’t my director’s last day before her month off (in which I have to cover for her), I would be in my bed…
As it is, I’m looking for something easy and useful to knit on our weekend getaway… If you want the details, go visit my Sister and see her pictoral telling of our trip.
I’m thinking of making some more garter stitch slippers.  You see, while I love the idea of not having carpet, which should hopefully in the long run keep the cat dander more controllable, it turns out I do not LIKE bare feet on hardwood… I do have one pair of slippers that I knit for myself, but I made them a bit big and they fall off when I’m laying on the sofa… plus, one pair worn every day isn’t going to last long.
I think I’ve decided on these.  They’re knit flat in garter for the most part… I think I’m going to make them in Orange… I’ve got some wool/acrylic blend which will assist in them holding up longer… acrylic will survive the apocolypse!  And I dont’ think I’ll put the flower on… that just gets snagged on long pants.
Sam came over last night for Kitty School. He learned all about the litterbox, treats, toys and catnip.  And most important, not to let the cat out or open the windows… Mr. Fluffypants is becoming more comfortable in his house and has started fooling around at night, which doesn’t please me, but is really quite funny… and he’s excersising his singing voice on a regular basis… Especially at 4 in the morning… while he jumps from the window sill to the bed to the window sill to the bed….
Oh, and I see the pictures didn’t work of the office yesterday… here they are again…


2 thoughts on “HouseKeeping

  1. Love the new digs! Love the light! And love to see the office/craft room all done! WOW! You move quick! Beats the heck out of my one year long unpacking!! We need to make that scratching post. :)Kat

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